Disney Springs at Walt Disney World is home to a wide variety of Christmas fun, from a light show in the sky featuring state-of-the-art drone technology to visits with Santa Claus himself. It’s also the spot to take a stroll down the Christmas Tree Trail, a brand-new offering that brings Disney movies to life in the form of themed tree decorations.

A Christmas display for any time of day

The Christmas Tree Trail, which is open through January 8, is located in the Marketplace section of Disney Springs.

It’s something to experience at different times of the day, since it looks very different when it’s light outside, which you can see in the video below, vs. at night, which you can see in the photos. During the day, you’ll see all the details of the decorations. At night, you’ll admire the colorful lights that add a new dimension to this lovely display at Walt Disney World.

No charge to see the Christmas trees

Like all of the outdoor entertainment at Disney Springs, the Christmas Tree Trail is free, and there’s no charge to park in the two convenient parking garages or the surface lot.

In addition to music, trees, Santa, and the Starbright Holidays drone show, you’ll also find a wide variety of shops and restaurants that will keep you busy for hours. Visiting this newly expanded complex is a great way to save a day on your admission ticket, since it’s free and is jam-packed with family fun.

If you decide to dine at Disney Springs, make reservations if you choose one of the sit-down restaurants because they get very crowded during the Christmas vacation season.

Otherwise, choose from a wide variety of counter service options that let you grab and go so you don't have to take too much time out of you busy day.

Disney fun early and late

All of the Christmas offerings at Disney Springs are in full swing and continue through January 8. If you’re staying on site at Walt Disney World, you can hop a bus from your resort or take free boat transportation from select resorts like Port Orleans and Saratoga Springs.

The stores open at 10 a.m., and the dining and entertainment continues late into the evening if you decide to spend the day at one of the theme parks and want something to do afterwards.

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