Christmas is fast approaching and the season of gift giving is often fraught with worry. In our modern times, many people consider taking a more holistic approach to the festive season and find a way to give back to the planet. These gifts can be done as a family project or on behalf of someone else. Many of the Nature conservation organizations even offer a gift in return. Four great nature conservation organizations offer ways gifts can support nature this Christmas.

Gifting through New York's Department of Conservation (DEC)

DEC issued a press release announcing their special for Christmas this month.

They are offering "a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal that reduces the price of a year-long Conservationist magazine subscription to $6, half the regular price, plus an extra issue at no additional cost." The half price subscription is a really good deal and would be a wonderful gift for anyone with an interest in nature. Three of the seven editions come out with a special kids insert.

Through the DEC Website, you can also find ways to purchase a Habitat Access Stamp. All the money received for the stamps goes back into wildlife and nature conservation. For a $5 donation, the attractive stamps show that you or your friends care about conservation. They are easy to purchase and can be found online via a link on the DEC Website.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) gift for a gift this Christmas

The WWF gift center on the Worldwildlifeorg Website has so many options, you will be stuck for choice. Their gifts include species adoptions, themed animal buckets, frontline hero dolls and so much more. The gift for a gift means that when you donate, you receive a gift back.

This way you gift the planet and get a gift back that you can gift to someone else this Christmas.

The idea behind the gift center is described by the WWF as "you are choosing a gift that gives back and makes a difference for threatened wildlife and habitats around the world."

Gifting to the World Land Trust organization

The World Land Trust organization runs a "save the Rainforest as a gift" program.

They have a lot of options which include "buying" an acre of land to sponsoring Keepers of the Wild, a partner who looks after game rangers. You can even donate in memory of a loved one who is no longer with you this festive season. Their Website even has a free gift option. Send out your cards this year from their site and it will not cost you anything at all. The precious side to this is that you get a gift to give away for free and in return by sending out their stunning e-Cards, you help to bring awareness to their conservation cause.

The National Wildlife Federation America -NWF

The shop at the NWF Website has a catalog which can be downloaded in pdf. They have options which include donating for the tree which will be planted via schools, partner organizations, and NGOs.

The trees are native to America and will be used to restore the wild places so nature can thrive. They have a range of animals you can "adopt" too. These include symbolic adoption plans of Bison. The donation size matches up to the gift for gift and these include plush animals, posters, fridge magnets and certificates.

So this Christmas you need not be stuck for gift ideas. There are many ways you can spread the season's love by helping nature conservation

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