Disney Springs, the dining, shopping and entertainment district at Walt Disney World, is always a popular spot to eat, and it gets even busier during the holidays. Add in the fact that several celebrities have restaurants there and it becomes essential to book your dining reservations as early as possible if you're visiting during the Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years time span.

Which restaurants will be the most popular at Disney Springs over the Christmas holiday period? Four in particular have big name chefs at the helm.

They're popular all year long, so book now if you're coming to Walt Disney World soon. The chefs at all four have been involved since opening day and still keep a close watch on their eateries.

Morimoto Asia

Iron Chef Morimoto brought Asian cuisine to Disney Springs last year, and his restaurant continues to be a popular choice for guests who want to try the signature Peking duck or are looking for the best sushi in the area. Chef Morimoto was at the grand opening, where he even sang for the attendees, as you can see in the video.

The chef has returned to Walt Disney World several times since then. One of his most recent visits was during the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival at Epcot. Once again, he serenaded his audience, as well as talking about his restaurant and participation in the festival, as seen below. Expect his restaurant to be a hot spot for lunch and dinner during the holidays.

Homecoming Florida Kitchen

Chef Art Smith has a history with Florida and Walt Disney World, so it’s no surprise that he chose Disney Springs as the location for his Homecoming Florida Kitchen restaurant. He started out interning at Disney, so the name is very fitting. The eatery is all about freshness and sustainability, as well as making healthy version of comfort food, as he explains in the video below.

Expect these familiar dishes to draw plenty of diners during the Christmas rush.

Frontera Cocina

If you’ve got a craving for Mexican food when you’re visiting Disney Springs, chef Rick Bayless has just the place for you. He chose Walt Disney World for his first restaurant outside of Chicago, and as he explains in the video below, he didn’t tone down the spices for the tourists, although his food does cover the full range from mild to extra heat. It will get you in the mood to shout, "Feliz Navidad y prospero ano nuevo!"

Raglan Road

Chef Kevin Dundon hails from Ireland, but you can taste his authentic cuisine at Raglan Road in Disney Springs.

He takes great pride in his menu, as you’ll see in the video below. While the restaurant might seem a closer fit for St. Patrick's Day rather than Christmas, it's actually a hot spot all year 'round, so be sure to make lunch or dinner reservations if you want to try it out soon.

Vivoli Gelato

One of the great things about visiting Walt Disney World in the winter is that it's often still warm enough for swimming and even enjoying cold treats like those at Vivoli Gelto. Silvana Vivoli’s family is known in Italy for its long history of creating frozen treats. Her grandparents started the tradition, and she’s carried it on and expanded it, bringing her talent to Disney Springs.

You’ll even find seasonal varieties, as she explains in the video below. One nice thing about this shop is that it's counter service, so no reservations are required, even if you visit in the midst of the Christmas rush.

If you want to dine at any of the Disney Springs celebrity eateries between Thanksgiving and New Years, make reservations online or by calling 407-WDW-DINE as soon as you know your desired date to avoid disappointment.

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