Don't shop on Black Friday

Black Friday is considered a day that department stores and big box stores hope to cash in (in the black) on the day after Thanksgiving. They advertise to consumers to lure them into their stores and buy for the holiday season and start thinking about Christmas. And customers get fooled into thinking they are going to get a bargain by waiting in long lines outside the stores and even stupid people camp outside the stores when it’s all a bunch of blatant lies. They don’t really save any dough or get great discounts at all.

Black Friday, is just another hoax.

Save time and money, shop online

And then you hear stories in the media about crowded malls and fights with strangers over who gets their hands on the hottest items this holiday season. Not only is it dangerous fighting with crowds, but sometimes it gets real serious and someone winds up getting hurt! Save the stress and aggravation, stay home and shop online instead!

It isn’t really worth it considering that consumers have the whole month December to shop for Christmas items.

The holiday rush really sucks!

Here’s some tips to prepare you for the upcoming holiday rush:

  • Don’t buy in the stores on Black Friday except online
  • Prepare your shopping list and check it twice to avoid mistakes
  • Call ahead or go online to check for store hours
  • Avoid rebates. They are just a gimmick and a waste of time
  • If planning to purchase gift cards, buy the ones that don’t expire
  • To avoid long lines, pay online first then either pick up at the store or request delivery
  • When purchasing big ticket items, like an HDTV, it’s better to purchase the item online then head to a store on Black Friday.
  • Always check your receipts for potential overcharges and watch for credit card fraud or any suspicious activity
  • Never leave any items unattended in a store or in your car and always lock up. This is the time of year for grinches (thieves) to take advantage of holiday shoppers.

The holiday season is supposed to be enjoyable for all.

But it can be stressful during the whole process and at the end of the season the consumer winds up with huge credit card bills. Here’s to a stress-free and happy holiday season!

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