As one of the most populated and largest countries in the world, America has no short of amazing tourist attractions. You can find marvelous skyscrapers in cities like New York, and Chicago. On the other hand, beautiful beaches of Florida, and Hawaii are famous among newly married couples. No doubt, this country has a lot to offer to its visitors. Here is a list of best tourist attractions in the US.

White House

The White House is situated in Washington DC. It is the official residence ofPresident of the US.

It was founded during the 18th century, and was first used by President John Adams. After the disaster of 9/11, it became difficult for visitors to reach this part of the US. If you want to explore its beauty, you need to submit a request for a group of ten prior to your arrival. This application can be submitted to your country’s ambassador.

Denali National Park

In case you don’t have a mood to visit the White House, you can head to the Denali National Park. This is present in Interior Alaska. It has one of the most famous mountainsof North America, "Mount McKinley." The park is home to incredible and rare wildlife.

During your visit here, you can explore numerous bears, tigers, moose, wolves, and other beautiful animals.

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are spread in an area of 120 miles. It is a long chain of tropical islands, and the atmosphere of this area is very peaceful. Here you can also spend time at the Florida peninsula, and it has been connected to the mainland via several bridges. One of the best bridges is the "Seven Mile Bridge".

It is present in the Lower Keys. If you are a Hollywood fan, then you must have seen this bridge in movies like "True Lies."


Kilauea is one of the recent series of volcanoes. This natural wonder is a creation of the Hawaiian Archipelago, and is one of the best tourist attractions in the US. It is a flat shield volcano, and is known for its sharp peaks that make it even more beautiful and attractive.

Kilauea is said to be one of the most active volcanoes of the US.

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