Most people love potato chips. Lay's have betted for years that you can't eat just one. One company is selling five potato chips in a box for $56. That means each chip costs $11.20 which is far more than any large bag of potato chips from the local grocery store. Who is making such expensive potato chips? Why are the chips so expensive?

Five chips for $56

A Swedish company has made the chips and is selling them for $56 for a pack of five. They are made with some expensive ingredients but are not laced with gold.

Made by St. Erik's, a high-end Swedish microbrewery, the snack is made by chefs of the Swedish National Culinary Team. They have used some of the most exclusive ingredients available. So, what are the ingredients?

Potato chips ingredients

You might wonder what the ingredients are and what's so special about them.The ingredients include Ammarnas potatoes, Matsutake mushroom, onions, dill, truffle seaweed, leeks, and India pale ale. The chips do not come in a bag like the regular ones we often buy.

They are encased in an expensive looking black box that has been designed for only five chips.

The ingredients are rare and can be found only in Nordic countries at certain times of the year. For instance, the Ammarnas potatoes are not plentiful. They are limitedto a very rocky, dangerous slope that is climbed just once during a blue harvest moon. Matsutake mushrooms are so precious that people must wear cotton gloves while picking them.

The rest of the ingredients are also rare.Only 100 boxes of the chips were released earlier this week, and they quickly sold out. The proceeds go to charity.

Ingredients for Lay's potato chips include only three ingredients, including potatoes, sunflower oil, and salt. None of these ingredients are rare.The snack comes in a bag made of paper that can be tossed when empty. The cost of a small bag is very reasonable for less than a dollar, and there are more than five chips in the bag.

Average and family size bags cost much more, but not as nearly as $56.

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