It seems to be the latest craze with products like cashew, sunflower, and walnut butter taking over shelf space traditionally saved for tried and true peanut butter brands like Jiff and Skippy. So with all these nut butters on the market, how do you choose?

As someone whose been experimenting with clean eating - considered either the latest fad diet or the new organic - I've tried my fair share of nut butters, and here is what I've learned.


If you are looking for an easyoption Justin's offers a variety of almond, peanut, and hazelnut butters in flavors like maple, honey, and chocolate with locally sourced ingredients.

They also offer some healthy snack options like their pretzel and banana chip packets, which is convenient for anyone with children taking homemade lunches. Though, many of you might be familiar with them because of their peanut butter cups sold at Starbucks.

I find Justin's a little on the sweet sidefor a nut butter, but their versatility is a huge draw. I frequently pick up their individual packets when I travel because I can put it on an apple or a granola bar so that I don't load up on airport food.

Wild Friends

Perhaps lesser known, this brand seems to have a hand in every pot. They offer almond, peanut, and sunflower seed options which are promised GMO-free, kosher, and palm-oil free (a frequent additive to peanut and nut butters which has been linked to higher cholesterol).

They also promise thattheir almond and sunflower options are made in separate facilitieswithout peanutsso that those with allergies can enjoy their products too. All of their products are dairy-free as well (a plus for all you vegans out there), except for their Protein+ butters which boasts that it has 50% more protein.

If you're looking for afun option as a seasonal treat, their products are a good go-to. With flavors like organic maple sunflower butter, vanilla espresso almond butter, and pumpkin spice peanut butter, they can add somefestivity to your pantry.

Barney Butter

If you're looking for an allergy friendly nut butter though, Barney Butter takes the cake.

Their almond butters are peanut free, gluten-free, and vegan. They are certified kosher and GMO-free, and theysource all of their almonds from California. They offer smooth and crunchy varieties, and if you want something special they have flavors like cocoa coconut and raw chia (for that extra protein, fiber boost).

My only complaint is their price. Don't get me wrong, most nut butters are higher on the scale, but a 16 oz. jar of Barney Butter can be $14.99 in stores. My tip: buy direct. On their website you can get a 16 oz. jar for $9.99, so skip the middle man on this one.

Make your own

If you've jumped on the nut butter craze andreally want to control what is going into it, then making your own is the way to go.

You can source your ingredients locally, keep it organic, and control whether any sugar or salt is added to the batch. You do need a food processor to break down the nuts, but otherwise equipment and ingredients are standard. Plus, then you can experiment with your own flavors. Why make Christmas cookies when you can send people off with a jar of your own nut butter?

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