Health is wealth. It is impossible to be unhealthy and at the same time fit and vice versa. These two factors complement each other. Listed below are some fitness truths that will help change the way you think about your fitness lifestyle. With Fall and then winter looming, it is important to keep active.

You should never try weight loss at the expense of your health

Your fitness is meant to complement your health; it is not advisable to start doing some workouts in order to reduce weight while the health is at risk. Healthy people are fit people and of course unhealthy people are unfit people.

You are not too old to do squats

Your age should not be taken as a yardstick for having a poor fitness lifestyle. There are lot old people who have good fitness lifestyles and even want to improve on it. Why would you settle for a poor fitness lifestyle because you think you are too old to do some workouts. As a result of old age it is possible that you can’t jog around or visit the gym to do some exercise but squats can never kill you. Your age should not stop you from being fit, so always do squats.

The label can say 'whole grain' on it, but it doesn’t make it healthy

We are what we eat as it is popularly said. For the fact that the label on a container says it contains a particular type of nutrient does not guarantee your safety after consuming it.

Remember we all allergic to one or more thing.

Prices for gym membership are usually negotiable - feel free to ask

After seeing the stipulated gym membership prices as proposed by each gym the majority do freak out and then believe it is the same in all other gyms but that’s not very true. The price may fall within a specific range across the gyms but the price are negotiable.

The mistake the majority are making is not asking the gym managers if the prices are negotiable. You may be a victim of this but when next you come across a gym and you are not comfortable with the price, feel free to ask if it is negotiable.

If there is bad food in the house, you are more likely to eat it

The probability that you consume that bad food in the house is very high because you know there is food at home but you never know if it is bad or good. Therefore, it is compulsory that you ensure that good food is always available in the house and when you are running short of it do ensure to buy more.

Consistency and patience are cogent in achieving long term successful weight loss

As we all know that slow but steady wins the race, a long term successful weight loss can never be achieved in a rush basically because it’s a gradual process so therefore it requires some time. For you to achieve this success it requires you to keep calm with whatever process that is involved.

Do not for once be frustrated and you’ve got to keep on carrying out the exercise involve no matter how long it takes. Remember this “failure is no match to persistence”.

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