Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party runs select nights through October 31 at the Magic Kingdom, and most families think of it as a special event for kids. While it’s certainly geared toward the younger set, adults can have plenty of fun at this annual Walt Disney World tradition, too. Below are three reasons that “big kids” should come to this after-hours party, whether or not they have a troop of youngsters in tow:

Everyone gets to trick or treat at this Disney party

Trick or treating is one of the big pleasures of childhood. Who didn’t love hitting up houses all around the neighborhood and coming home with a bag brimming with goodies?

Unfortunately, kids quickly get too old to celebrate Halloween by begging candy door to door. If you still miss that childhood pleasure, take heart in the fact that everyone is a kid at Walt Disney World. There are treat stations set up all around the Magic Kingdom during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and they’re open to all ages. Just pick up a free treat bag when you arrive for the party and pretend you’re a kid in Neverland reliving a cherished part of your younger days.

Disney villains bring spooky fun to the park

Halloween is the perfect time for the Disney villains to come out and play. While Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party lives up to its name by keeping things mild, that doesn’t mean you won’t find characters like Jack Skellington and Sally skulking around at a photo op or the Headless Horseman leading the Boo to You Parade, which of course has a villains float.

Most adults grew up on Disney cartoons, and it’s still a thrill to grab a photo with your favorites or see them in the parade or the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular show, which you can see in the video below.

Adults can stay up late at the Magic Kingdom

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is an extra-cost event that runs from 7 p.m.

to midnight, although your ticket gets you into the Magic Kingdom as early as 4 p.m. Many families take advantage of that early entry to bring the kids for some early ride time before the festivities begin. If you’re an adult, use that to your advantage. Youngsters tend to get cranky as the night rolls on, so many parents take them to see the first parade, then leave right after the HalloWishes fireworks show.

That means it’s much easier to get a good viewing spot for the second parade. It also means the ride lines cut down as the crowd dwindles, so if you love Walt Disney World favorites like the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, you can catch some dark rides with a minimal wait. Of course, you can also use that time to gather up even more treats in your bag as you stay at the park until the witching hour.

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