"The Living Corpse" is a popular comics franchise that recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their next installment. Essentially, the creators hope to produce an original graphic novel that aims to be over one-hundred pages in length and full of detailed artwork.Ken Haeser, Buz Hasson and Blair Smith are the artists behind the series who have made themonth of October a time for fans to contribute content to "The Living Corpse: Relics"and possibly win prizes--including a copy of the comic.

The new comic follows the continuing adventures of a hero who happens to be undead. After leaving his job as a gatekeeper between the world of the living--a.k.a. humans--and the world of shadows and monsters, the living corpse is forced to come face to face with an ancient evil hailing from the tombs of Egypt. Also featured, is a character named Lilith who is a vampire searching forNosferatu.


Creative partners Buz Hasson and Ken Haeser have worked together for more than ten years. Their joint projects include “Little Dead Rotting Hood” and “The Amazing Adventures of “The Living Corpse” which was an animated film.

Their comic efforts include titles such as “Army of Darkness” and “Grumpy Cat” plus innumerable covers for “Dynamite.” Both Ken and Buz knew they wanted to work with comic books from the time they were children and “Living Corpse” is essentially an amalgamation of all their favorite characters—most notably Batman and The Crypt Keeper. “It sort of started as a story about one zombie that went off the rails and turned into who he is today,” Buz explained.

“We started out wanting to make a different kind of zombie character so that we could explore aspects of the zombie lore from a first person perspective.” The series aims to be a fresh perspective on the zombie persona and all the monsters featured in the scripts are designed to have a lot of personality.


To date, the “Living Corpse” franchise has been well-received by fans; especially given the popularity of its 2013 film and the first two installments of the graphic novel.

“This Kickstarter is for the third,” Ken explained. “We have plans for a lot more stories as the series grows and expands in the fan base and we come up with more other worldly stuff for him to get into. We definitely have tons more ideas. And as long as the fans keep asking us for them, we’ll be cranking them out.” The duo is also currently hard at work on pre-production artfor upcoming movies and a TV series for the production company Asylum. Although many of these projects cannot be named at present, plans will be unveiled in 2017.

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