Crafting and DIY projects are incredibly on-trend right now and they are especially popular among children. From Cra-Z-Art to American Girl, various brands are coming up with ways to use everything from ribbons to beads to make unique crafts that can double as room décor. Geospace’s “Sequin Art” has proven very successful as has Moose Toy’s “Pop Itz”, but both of these series are predominantly geared towards young girls. Since arts and crafts are beneficial to boys as well, certain companies such as Fat Brain Toys and OWI have introduced built-it-yourself kits that are appealing to both girls and boys.

In 2016, Tech 4 Kids seized upon this concept and released a new crafting set that they hope will appeal to boys. It is called the “Fright Factory: Creature Creator”.


The “Fright Factory” kit by Tech 4 Kids enables kids to make creepy designs. Using the special light curing EwwGoo gel to fill horror-themed molds, kids can create creepy centipedes, sickening spiders, scary scorpions and more such as rats and bats. The gels are quick curing, non-toxic and designed with kids in mind, allowing youngsters to safely create from the molds or their own imaginations. Some of the creations end up having a very gross effect which makes them ideal to use as Halloween decorations. Moreover, although it is geared toward boys this set can be enjoyed by girls, too.

“Completing a DIY project provides children and adults with the opportunity to use their hands and brains to develop something on their own and gives them the satisfying feeling of accomplishment,” said Hugh Kennedy, the SVP of Marketing for Tech 4 Kids. “Consumer feedback has been really positive and we definitely plan to expand the line in the coming months.”


At present, Tech 4 Kids is effectively pushing this item for the impending Halloween holiday, as they also have several new projects in the pipeline.

In the Spring of 2017, they will release a new EwwGoo with glow-in-the-dark capabilities. Furthermore, Tech 4 Kids is also preparing new creative and innovative items for their extensive girl’s line and they will be debuting these products in early 2017 via toy fairs and other events.

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