KidsTown has been a long-standing exhibit at the Orlando Science Center, but opening this weekend is the new and improved KidsTown ready to amuse and educate children up to around age seven. The museum is hosting a grand opening of this new exhibit this weekend (October 22-23), which spans the entire second floor with 11,000 square feet of activities for kids.

Come to the grand opening of KidsTown

On Saturday, October 22, 2016 and Sunday the 23rd, the Science Center will present the grand opening of KidsTown. The center will open at 9 a.m. There will be additional entertainment for the weekend, including a magician, kid-friendly DJ from Mix 105.1, an appearance by Stuff, the mascot of the Orlando Magic MBA team, and Kingston, the mascot of the Orlando City Soccer Club.

Since it’s close to Halloween, the kids can come in costume or wear silly “mix-matched” clothing.

Start at the Orange Grove as you first enter KidsTown

Artificial orange trees adorn this area and are iconic to Central Florida. The kids collect orange balls and then put them through the processing center. As they watch them hoist down a mousetrap-type maze, the kids can see how oranges are packaged and driven to market and scanned for sale. This grove is designed to look like the first orange grove factory in the Dr. Phillips area of Orlando that still stands on the corner of Princeton Street and Orange Avenue. The children can role-play throughout this entire orange grove area. There is even a separate section just for toddlers so they are not pushed around by the older children.

Next, check out the Isaacs Family Climb Time

This is an indoor playground designed to help children test and improve their coordination. It is a multilevel area that has slides, stairs, rope bridges, and other obstacles. It’s a big green contraption that looks somewhat like a large frog. This play area is safe; protected with walls of black, meshed materials to keep children from falling.

Adults can attend their children, but be aware that the space is designed for young children ages four to seven, so don’t bump your head!

And there is more to discover

Drip Drop Splash is a water table where children can change the water flow using man-made dams and other obstacles. Crawling underneath the structure, kids can stand inside a glassed circle of rain that represents a Florida rain shower.

You won’t get wet as this exhibit is all enclosed.

There is Harriet’s KidsTown Theater, a cute space for performances and also the place where story times will be scheduled. In the adjacent studio arts and crafts will bring out the creativity in your children. The children will also be drawn to the costume closet where dress-up play is always a fun activity.

One of the spaces is called Explore It containing 18-foot tall clear tubes where scarves travel through the windy pipes and are ejected into the Science Center floating back down to the ground. The kids scramble to pick up the scarves and send them back to the pipes for another journey. A kaleidocope projection area looks like a 21-century version of an oversized Lite Brite game where the kids can twist the lights to go on and off or change them into one of a dozen colors.

And of course, let’s not forget about the little ones. Toddler Town is specifically equipped with cause-and-effect activities for children from infants to age two. There will be plenty of crawling, lifting, pushing, and pulling in this section of KidsTown.

So, whether you are a visitor to Orlando, Florida, or resident here, the Orlando Science Center is a must place to see with its new attraction.

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