I have tried many oddball beauty tips and tricksover the years, some worked, and some were huge flops. But I keep trying!

Here are some things for you to try!

Dryer sheets: They are amazing on hair raising static, just rub on your hair. Also works fantastic on static on your clothing.

Baby Powder:For full eyelashes? Yes! I have tried this, put mascara on, coat lashes with a little baby powder, then another coat of mascara. (Warning a little goes a long way, if you wear contacts make sure you keep your eyelids closed). I have also used this in a pinch as a loose face powder, it works, but made me look even more pale than normal.

Beer:I assume most people already know that pouring beer on your hair improves volume, this tip has been around forever. If you are a child of the 70's and 80's you probably remember the beer shampoo that was sold called Body on Tap.

Charcoal:For whiter teeth? Yep. I found the easiest way to find the correct charcoal is in the digestive medicine aisle at the drug store. There are charcoal capsules to take for stomach issues. Open up a capsule, sprinkle on your toothbrush and be prepared to be a little freaked out by the black teeth you see in the mirror, scrub for 3 to 4 minutes. Take care not to drip it on your clothing. Rinse, you should see whiter teeth.

Hair Conditioner, and lotion: This is all I ever use to shave my legs. I buy the cheapest hair conditioner I can find and use that to shave legs, lotion works in a pinch.

Never ever give in to the temptation to give yourself a quick dry shave (your skin will punish you for this).

Wavy hair: Braiddry hair in several sections (does not need to be even), mist each braid with spray gel (do not saturate), go over each braid from top to bottom with a flat iron on high heat. Once braids are cool carefully unbraid, and finger comb the waves.

Mayonnaise:This deep conditioning trick has been around for decades. It works! Just a few words of warning, you don't need very much, if you have fine hair make sure you get it completely washed out. Apply to wet hair, put a shower cap on, wrap with a towel, and wait 20 minutes, shampoo. Style as usual.

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