Halloween is here, and for those who haven’t already heard, these are the top apps on the market to keep track of your little monsters roaming the streets.


Instead of sending a text that may go unanswered, this app allows you to track Circle members on a map. You can have multiple Circle's so family, friends, and temporary groups remain separate. Within these groups you control who is invited or uninvited, so only those you want can see the information you share. It also allows you to save favorite Places like home or school, and it willsend you an alert when members have arrived at these spots.Other handy features, like messaging and location sharing, gives you private ways of communicating since Life360 uses bank-level security features to keep your information safe.


Download this app and you can set location boundaries for your children. If they exit those boundaries the app will send you an alert. It also allows you to set safe places for your children and will alert you when they’ve left that location. It shows you where they’ve been, if they want you to come pick them up, or if they need help.MamaBear has other features as well for driving and social media monitoring if you’re looking for an all-encompassing app this Halloween (especially helpful for teens who may be trick-or-treating with friends).

The Red Panic Button

For quick and easy security, try this app. It can be installed on your smartphone's Home Screen for faster access, and offers Safety tips in new environments if you use the GPS option. When the button is pushed, it will send an immediate distress call to your loved ones and can contact the authorities with your information and location for faster response time.

Trick or Tracker and Nextdoor

If you are looking for Halloween specific apps, then try Trick or Tracker (there’s an Android and Apple version now) or Nextdoor. Nextdoor is private (only your neighbors can see the information you share), andsends alertsfor burglaries, block parties, or babysitter requests. Download this app and you can see which neighbors are participating in trick-or-treating—keeping neighborhoods safe so everyone can have a fun time.

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