Keeping Children safe is the primary goal of parents and guardians but it can be touch to keep energetic kids in sight at all times. Hence, child-Safety wearables like “The Joey Tag” are very functional and helpful tools for caregivers of youngsters. The Joey Tag was created after “My Buddy Tag” proved very successful. Created by Le Vise Products, The Joey Tag uses innovative technology yet aims to be affordable and launched via Kickstarter on October 27, 2016, with the intention of raising $15,000 for the initial production of the item.


The Joey Tag was specially designed using high-tech solutions to prevent children from wandering too far away. The device is Bluetooth enables and contains short-range GPS that works via an accompanying app. There is no monthly fee to use the service and it is available on both Android and iOS. Essentially, The Joey Tag can monitor kids for up to 100 yards and when a child walks out-of-range, the app sounds an alarm thus notifying adults. It also vibrates on the child’s wrist to let them know that they should turn back.

Although The Joey Tag can be worn comfortably like a bracelet, it is hard for children to remove since it was built with a patented locking mechanism that works via a custom keychain included with each set.


Le Vise Products LLC co-founder Willie Wu understands the importance of child-monitoring devices. Prior to the establishment of the company in March of 2013, Willie and his wife lost sight of their six-year-old daughter while enjoying a day at Texas’ Six Flags amusement park.

Although they found her after fifteen minutes, the scary incident provoked Willie to by a GPS tracker and was shocked that most cost over $150 and included monthly subscription fees on top of that. It was then that Willie decided to design and promote an affordable system. His first foray into this market was via the “Buddy Tag” which was released to acclaim in November of 2013. The Joey Tag is an updated version of the Buddy Tag which has aided over 85,000 parents to date.

“Our design process had two key focuses—to make sure the electronics were reliable and to design it with comfort considerations since the child will be wearing it,” Willie Wu explained. With a team of engineers, it took more than two years to get The Joey Tag prepared for production and that is where the Kickstarter campaign comes in. “We have been bootstrapping our business for the past three years, and the financial support on Kickstarter will help us pushed through the very last stage of our product development,” said Willie Wu.


Ultimately, Willie Wu wants to continue to develop the newest and best technology to keep children safe.

Le Vise Products LLC is also actively involved in supporting the special needs community such as families who have a loved one with autism. “Many children on the autism spectrum have high tendencies of running away or wandering,” Willie Wu stated and noted that many families with special needs children have benefited from these monitoring devices. Over the coming months, the organization is anticipating their Kickstarter campaign and hopes to start shipping the funded products to backers in December 2016 and January 2017. From there, the product will be available to the public in the spring of 2017.

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