Mujuworld is a company that produces and sells original, handmade pieces of art that have a broad appeal—especially to fans of comics and cartoons. Since its establishment in 2002 by partners Katie Weselby and Dave Ashlin, the company has been offering prints, paintings and T-shirts that are all original thereby making the organization a prime outlet for collectors. Mujuworld is especially famed for their unique characters—known as “Mujus”—and their limited edition items such as bio-resin sculptures.


Mujuworld has become a fixture in the designer art and toy scene and despite only advertising via social media and the specialty-publication, Clutter Magazine they have gained a dedicated fan following. The company also has an open studio in St. Ives, Cornwall, England. “We believe it is very important to have our own unique voice and work on your art daily,” said Katie Weselby. “There's no need to try and get recognition for the first thing you make, to then be disappointed if opportunities don't present themselves instantly.

We love what we do and even though it’s hard work we have fun while we’re doing it.”

Currently, Mujuworld is focusing on a Kickstarter campaign that they started to raise funds for a sculptural project called “Cosmic Night Owl” which is a smallish clear bio-resin owl shaped sculpture that includes a color-changing LED light. The illuminated owl can be used as a nightlight or all-purpose ambient lighting that helps to decrease stress.

“This idea was inspired by two of my life-long loves which are owls and the Northern Lights,” Katie explained. “I have been fascinated with glowing lights for as long as I can remember, and over the years I have tried to illuminate the darkness with different artificial lights, hoping to recreate some of the magic of the Aurora Borealis in my own home.” This is one of the company’s most ambitious projects to date and also Katie’s favorite.


Now approaching its fifteenth year in business, Mujuworld shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. The creators are especially happy to hear feedback from their consumer base which can range in age from five-year-old children to elderly retirees. “To be able to make people smile and feel happy, even for one fleeting moment in their busy day, can make such a difference,” Katie stated. “Spreading positive feelings and discovering that our work has also inspired others to be creative is the most rewarding part of what we do.” Within the next decade, Muju World hopes to expand into large-scale sculptures and characters including installations for sculpture parks, festivals, galleries and parks.

They also plan to continue contributing to books, street art and collectible designer toys.

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