Tespo, a startup company that is largely dedicated to innovative technology, recently produced a liquid vitamin maker that aims to change how Vitamins are served. Noting that many people have difficulty swallowing traditional pills, Tespo was created with the goal of solving the problem and thereby making vitamins easier to take and more effective for everyone. By producing vitamin pods that contain powders that can be converted to liquid using the Tespo dispenser, the company opened the door to an overall better vitamin experience aimed at keeping people healthy. While companies such as Nautra Science Labs and Nutricap Labs also produce vitamins, they do not focus on vitamins in liquid form.

Essentially, while several hundred companies sell vitamins and supplements, Tespo created an innovative solution for consuming high quality supplements that works even for people who have difficulty swallowing traditional pills and/or tablets.


Tespo ensures that its liquid vitamins include only pure ingredients that differentiate from gummy vitamin versions which often include excess sugar as well as artificial colors and flavors. Tespo's vitamins have no fillers, sugar, gluten and binders. On October 6, the organization was presented with the 2016 CPG Editor’s Choice Award in the Multivitamin category at SupplySide West for their innovative additions to the vitamin industry and supplements field.

The benefits of vitamins are well-documented and both WebMD and the Mayo Clinic note that they are especially helpful to the elderly and young children. “We observed that our elderly parents became lethargic when they didn’t take supplements and that their nutrition was compromised due to poor dietary habits,” said Tespo co-founder, Ted Mills.

“We also observed very active children that were not receiving proper nutrition due to challenging schedules and aversions to dairy products.” Although eating a proper diet is also important to good health, the foods many people consume do not necessarily hold all the vitamins that a healthy body needs.


At present, Tespo offers a number of formulas with names such as Children's Essential, Women’s Essential, Men’s Essential and others with titles such as Bariatric, Energy, Sleep and Focus. They frequently conduct surveys and value consumer feedback as they evolve. “One great example we received from our female customers was their overwhelming interest in methylfolate instead of folic acid,” said Ted Mills. “The vast majority of supplement products don’t contain methyfolate which is an extremely expensive ingredient.We decided to make the change while keeping the supplement affordable and accessible.” Receiving positive feedback is important to the researchers who want to ensure that they are having a good impact on people’s lives.

“People tell us that they feel better after fueling their bodies with our pure and nutrient-rich vitamins,” said Ted Mills. “It is a very rewarding feeling to know that we can help people in this way.” Tespo is actively working to make 2017 just as fruitful as 2016 and they are currently working on new formulas for products that will help decrease joint pain and increase the health of hair, skin, nails and energy. Moreover, Tespo plans to debut a prenatal care vitamin and popularize it into 2017.

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