As the holiday season fast approaches, the toys and games industry is booming. From Hasbro’s “Torch” to Mattel’s “Barbie” to Crayola’s entire line, toys and games are on the minds of many people in these busy weeks. For people who are partial to games, Uncle Milton and Winning Moves are well-known producers but another company known as Identity Games has released a range of items that appeal to toddlers, kids and adults. An award-winning and intentionally selling company, Identity Games has been producing innovative play concepts since 1993. In recent years they have increasingly branched out into Playthings for families and groups—as well as children—and thereby boomed in popularity.


Games for adults are ideal for party settings—a common occurrence around the holidays—and “Escape the Room” and “Mouthguard Challenge” are intended for more mature audiences. Similarly, the “Find It” series can hold appeal to adults but children can enjoy it as well. Despite having a range of offerings for adults, most of the items are geared toward youngsters. For example, it is an age old truth that most kids--especially boys--like gross things. Identity Games has seized upon this concept via their “Poopyhead” board game. Meanwhile, the innocent “Miffy Hide-and-Seek” is far more appropriate for polite company and “Crozzit” is suitable for older kids and teens. Emile Kalis is now the General Manager of Product Development and Marketing.

He and a business partner, Albert Meuter, established the company in the Netherlands and chose the name because the games they made aimed to promote communication between people; subsequently helping people define or identify themselves. To date, the company has developed hundreds of games and is partial to anything that is unique and especially different.

Many of their offerings have an educational edge. “We are developers and designers,” Emile Kalis stated. “We make games that kids, toddlers and families can play but we also enjoy creating games intended for large groups since social games are very popular.”


Identity Games are so driven to find the latest and greatest ideas that they openly collaborate with inventors although they do tend to create many of their items in-house.

“There’s nothing better than creating a game that will be played by 1,000 or even 1,000,000's of people,” Emile declared. “A good game is a game that people want to play again, that intrigues, that teaches you something, that is Fun, that looks good, that is durable; that is endless!” Identity Games is currently gearing up for the impending holiday season and planning their schedule for 2017. One of their most unique new offerings is the “Escape Room” game which works via an app. This November, the organization will travel to ChiTag followed by the US Toy Fair in New York, February 2017.

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