As a fan of the TV series, "The Walking Dead", I felt it was important to highlight the paradigm shift of the show in last night's Season7 premiere in the lens of Men's style and Lifestyle. During the entire Season 6, viewers were introduced in little bits per episode to Negan, the leader of the Saviors. The approach to life for Negan and the Saviors is a harsh interpretation of the post-zombie apocalypse world, i.e. The world changed so we must become like the world. The meeting in the RV between Rick and Negan and their reactions were indicative of their styles--Negan, a sadistic strategist and Rick, a human protective of his family.

Negan cornered Rick's group and was able to humorously view the situation because he felt comfortable, safe knowing that he was right about everything he said.

Negan and Rick in the RV

Negan immediately, to "train" Rick, put him to immediate and graphic choices to make between his survival/perish (go find me my Ax) and the groups survival (cut off Carl's arm vs. have everyone shot). Rick's actions could be interpreted as the ultimate weakness or ultimate grace in subjugating himself to Negan's leadership to prevent any further loss of life.

Rick throughout the seasons, has gone from hopeful Sheriff to dictatorial leader to psychotic self-imposed exiled outcast to democratic advocate, etc. His emotional plight displays that he preserves his humanity and although the world around him tempts with each day to make him renounce it, he sees that he would become like a Negan or Governor without it. He received tutelage from Herschel and listened to others like Carol, Daryl, Carl to come down off the ledge and has improved everyday throughout.

The upcoming season proves to be another test for Rick because living in Negan's world will be very difficult. Rick, as a protagonist has faced what looks to be the two worst villains in movie/TV history (Governor and Negan).

Art imitates life in this case

How this applies to men in their sense of style and daily life is that the world itself can tempt any of us to renounce our values to survive. When men are the most comfortable in themselves to go out into the world and be successful is when they are most in touch with their sense of style.

Many men go the way of Negan and believe that they must become the animal. Others try hard to be like Rick and see that is is very difficult but they believe that there is no other way or else they will become unrecognizeable. So again, lifestyle and a sense of style is not just about the clothes in a man's closet. The busy routine of the week shouldn't override a man's ability to control his choices.

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