So, you don't feel like dressing up for #Halloween this year? But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun! What about making some popcorn and watching a horror movie? Although there are thousands of frightening #Movies you could watch, not all of them worth your time, especially on Halloween night. To help you choose the best film (or films) for the 31st, here is a list of 8 great horror screenplays that will definitely scare you.

Not that old movies

"The Ring": After watching a videotape, people start dying in exact seven days. Driven by curiosity, a reporter decides to investigate it. Once she watches the tape, she has only one week to solve the enigma and save her own life. The American version of The Ring is based on the original Japanese movie from 1998. 

"The Blair Witch Project": “Distressing” is the adjective that best describes this movie.

Although it looks pretty real, it’s actually a fictional story (Thanks, Gosh!). The Blair Witch Project is an independent movie about three students that decide to make a documentary.  After interviewing locals about an urban legend, they go to the woods close to the city of Maryland to investigate the Blair Witch's myth. A while later, their film is found.

"Paranormal Activity": Just like The Blair Witch Project, this movie looks real, reason why it is even scarier. The Paranormal Activity centers on a couple that are experiencing odd occurrences in their home. To find out what is going on, they decides to instal a camera in the bedroom. It turns out that the originally minor episodes start getting another dimension.

Classic movies that never get old

"Rosemary’s Baby": This classic and must-see horror movie tells the story of Rosemary and her husband who move into a new apartment.

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Even though their neighbours are weird and intimidating, they make friends with them. When Rosemary gets pregnant, strange things start happening. Attention: this movie can fright even the most skeptical people.

"The Silence of The Lambs": Clarice, A FBI trainee, is signed to interview a prisoner, a psychiatrist and cannibal serial killer named Hannibal Lecter, whose insights could help pursuit another serial killer. Lecter agrees to help in exchange for a more comfortable facility as well as having details about the agent's past. Clarice reveals her traumas what leaves her in a vulnerable and weak position.

"The Shining": Besides starring the amazing Jack Nicholson, this movies has a great plot as well. It tells the story of a writer who accepts a job as a winter caretaker in an isolated hotel hoping that the solitude will help him focus on his writing. The fact that the last hotel caretaker went crazy and killed his family and himself, doesn’t intimidate the writer who accepts the job offer anyway and take his wife and son with him.

"Saw": You better have a strong stomach to watch this movie. Its plot is about a sadistic serial killer who locks his victims in a bathroom and gives them perverse instructions which they must complete in order to live. Pretty realistic and frightening, Saw was so successful that the production company, Twisted Pictures, ended up producing six sequels of it.

"The Exorcist": It is undeniable that The Exorcist’s special effects are old and outdated, but if you don’t get too disgusted by green vomit, this one should definitely be on the top of your list. It tells the story of a pre teenager girl who starts acting very strangely and threatening others. Worried about her daughter, the mother decides to look for help. After many exams, the doctors decide that she’s physically fine and the only thing that could help the girl is an exorcism. #HorrorMovies