Halloween--what's not to love? Quite a lot if you're a concerned parent. Too spooky decorations, bizarre "sexy costumes," frightened kids, sugar overloaded monsters, childhood obesity fears from Halloween candy--makes you want to scare away All Hallows Eve for good. Some folks opt for anti-Halloween alternatives. If you don't want to deprive your little ones of Trick-or-Treat but wants to do it healthier, read on.

100+ non-food, non-candy Halloween giveaways

Here are over 100 non-food treats and Trick-or-Treat giveaways.All or these items can be found for $1 per dozen or less.

Shop for back-to-school at Walmart, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Target, Dollar General, Aldi and Meijer. CheckOriental Tradingcatalogs. Shop bulk and clearance bins and shelves at party supply stores for inexpensive birthday prizes. Look for tax-free days and free shipping on BTS purchases on Amazon and other online vendors.

School supplies

Back to schoolsales are a great time to start thinkingChristmas stocking stuffers and holiday gift-giving. Give school supplies as Halloween candy alternatives.

Give pencils, rulers, drawing compasses, markers, mini-markers, mini stampers, crayons, glue sticks, scissors, pencil sharpeners, tape, mini staplers, notebooks, books and folders.

Teal Pumpkin Project ideas

Non-food treats are perfect for kids on special diets.Teal Pumpkin Projectparticipants identify homes using teal blue pumpkins to show kids can do allergy-friendly Trick-or-Treating there. They give non-allergenic candy or skip Halloween candy and give toys.

These treats work great for diabetic candy-free alternatives for kids with diabetes, food allergies and ADHD.

Beat obesity by swapping candy for crafts

Halloween and the whole holiday season is a hard time for overweight kidsor those on a diet. Help make Halloween alternatives fun and encourage weight loss by foregoing candy in favor non-food swaps ofcraft supplies. Kids won't miss sweets and will love getting cheap craft sets, activity booklets, mini paint sets, decorated pens, scented pens, gel pens, play dough, goop, putty and colored pencils.

Look for special Halloween Crayola Crayons in neon and glow-in-the-dark colors.

Halloween toys as giveaways

Give birthday party prizes like adjustable rings, navigational compass, key chains, fake fangs (very popular), slide flutes, Chinese handcuffs, tops, mini kazoos, party poppers, noisemakers, yo-yos, glow bracelets, slide puzzles, mini games, finger puppets, fake fingers, finger gliders, mini puzzles, ring toss games and squishy eyeballs. Kids love glow-in-the-dark insects, plastic toy animals, toy soldiers, toy cars, ball and jacks sets, snap bracelets, prisms, bracelets, necklaces, puzzles, squirt guns, squirt rings, whistles.

Other favorite toys are kaleidoscopes, sticky hands, harmonicas, paratrooper toys (with plastic parachutes attached) and growing creatures in capsules (these look like pill capsules and when put in water, expand).

Give toys for school Halloween parties

Need super cheap non-candyanti-Halloween giveaways for large crowds of kids? Give out balloons, stickers, Band-Aids (seriously crazy popular), temporary tattoos, spider rings, friendship rings, bouncy balls, bat rings, jumping spiders, Comparison shop and you'll find cheap prizes cost about the same as candy. Use the many free holiday printables available online.

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