When most think about Scotland, they thinkabout kilts, bagpipes, and Edinburgh Castle. However, there are far more reasons that Scotland should be a dream destination.

Reason 1: Castles

Scotland is known for its castles. Not only because they have been preserved, but because they hold incredibly astonishing history. Dryburgh Abbey, Blackness, Tantallon, Hermitage,Bothwell, Stirling, and Craigmillar Castle areonly a few of the hundreds of castles who’s home is on Scottish lands. And then of course there is the famous Edinburgh Castle which sits atop a ruptured volcano.

It ishome to ScottishCrown Jewels and to many battles and wars,one beingthe War of Independence.

Reason 2: Scenery

Along with its neighbor England, Scotland has some of the most breathtaking natural scenery with its mountainous landscapes, ancient forests, miles of greenery, and windy coastlines that overlook the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea. The countryis known for the magnificent views that accompany driving routes from one destination to the next.

Reason 3: History

Scotland is also home to six UNESCO World Heritage Sites: EdinburghOld and New Town, The Forth Bridge,The Heart Of Neolithic Horkney, New Lanark, The Antoine Wall, and St.

Kilda. It is also home to the historical Vikings that raided its land in the9th century. Some of the Viking's remains are still visible today. Scotland was the inventor of the sport of golf. Therefore, across it’s land are not only multiple cathedrals, Castles, scenic lands, and historical sites, but also golf courses where many of the Scottish citizens chronically play.

Edinburgh itself holds an array of history.

Under Edinburgh’s cobblestone streets, you can find vaults where many of the extremely poor, underprivileged, and immigrant populations housed themselves for refuge. Greyfriars Kirkyard Cemetery is known to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in the world. Also, for all of the Harry Potter lovers, J.K. Rowling started writing her series at a coffee shop in Edinburgh called The Elephant House.

Reason 4: Culture

Scotland has one of the most distinct cultures around the world. Scotland’s three largest cities include Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Edinburgh. Each have their own historical significance, as well as multiple cultural counterparts. Along with the men who wear kilts and bagpipes, all of the cities are vibrant with nightlife and pub after pub offering the traditional Scottish atmosphere with whisky and haggis. It’s important to note that Scotland is also one of the only European countries that offer free water to its people.

All of the reasons mentioned above are only a glimpse of understanding why Scotland should be abucket list destination.

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