There is definitely something special about visiting a castle. It inspires us to dream of knighthood or perhaps someone like King Arthur during a period when kings and queens ruled over their kingdoms. Dreams can still come true the instant you visit or stay inone of Europe's great castles.

Parador de Oropesa, Spain

Based on legend, this fourteenth-century castle located in the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos was built on a site presumed to have been founded by Hercules in 1716 B.C. The castle hotel features 48 rooms ranging from single rooms to suites and is made up of vintage tiles, brightly-colored area rugs, and imported Peruvian art by the previous occupant Count of Oropesa, Francisco de Toledo.

Guests can take advantage of the spectacular surrounding views as well as vineyards, olive trees, as well as the village of Oropesa from the top of the Homenaje (Homage) Tower.

Dornröschenschloss Sababurg, Germany

The enchanting 675-year-old Dornröschenschloss Sababurg, the "Sleeping Beauty" castle with its twin turrets, emerge upwards into the sky while gazing down upon the ancient forest below. You will find there's not a better setting for this beautiful castle than on Germany's Fairy Tale Route, which was said to have been inspired by the Brothers Grimm's Legend of Sleeping Beauty. Nowadays, the 675-year-old castle functions as a romantic hotel with a restaurant and theater. The castle hotel features 17 guest rooms complete with canopied beds and high ceilings set within the stone walls.

A stay at the Sleeping Beauty Castle will not be complete without exploring the enchanting medieval castle garden.

Tulloch Castle Hotel, Ross-shire, Scotland

The 12th century Tulloch Castle was once the exclusive residence to the powerful and wealthy of royalties. Nowadays, Tulloch Castle welcomes visitors from all four corners of the world to its magnificent and haunting setting.

Despite the fact that the castle dates back to the 12th century, the southwest corner and tower is everything that remains today of the original structure. The 20-bedroom castle is also well known to possess a special occupant, a ghost referred to as the Green Lady. Most of the castle's attributes are well preserved such as the 250-year old paneled Great Hall, the Oak Room, fireplaces and decorative ceilings, dungeons as well as a pet cemetery, all perfectly restored to their original condition.

Kilronan Castle, Ireland

This spectacular castle was initially built in 1820 for the renowned Colonel King Tennison. Nowadays In the present day, it has become one of Ireland's most luxurious castle Hotels featuring 84 unique bedrooms and suites, situated on 40 acres along the coastline of Lough Meelagh in Roscommon. The castle is set in a remote location, surrounded by rich green pastures and ancient forest, looking over a beautiful lake. Among the castle's main features is the amazing five-story stone baronial tower. In 2006, the castle was transformed into a world-class resort and spa offering first class treatment such as Irish seaweed wraps, mud chamber steam bath or simply just relaxing in the pool.

Guests can unwind in the drawing room while having a cup of teabefore finishing off with dinner in the Douglas Hyde Restaurant.

Burghotel auf Schönburg, Germany

The 10th-century old Burghotel auf Schönburg maintains an old-world charm within a medieval castle setting. The rooms are adorned with period furniture as well as crafts. Exploring the castle can give a person a creepy feeling; then again, what would a castle be without its ghosts? There is certainly a uniqueness in regards to this castle hotel; each and every room provides a different theme setting. Among the 24 rooms available, guests can select rooms with a balcony or perhaps the charming Seven Maidens Suite together with a terrace looking over the Rhine River region.

Exploring the castle grounds as well as the beautiful gardens and surrounding ancient forest should not be overlooked.

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