Crayola is an arts and crafts producer for kids that has been in business for over a century. Despite artistic DIY kits now being offered from companies like Cra-Z-Art and Tech 4 Kids, Crayola remains the top of the market in kid’s crafts. For over a decade, Crayola’s “Color Wonder” series—that lets small children color mess-free on special paper—has been a massive success and it is still growing strong as 2017 approaches.


Crayola christened this particular line “Mess Free Color Wonder” since the markers and paper it uses only write on the allot surface; essentially, kids cannot use the markers—or, in some cases, paints—to draw on walls, furniture or anything else.

This mess-free element is partly why the line has been so popular for so many years. In 2016, the company re-released the line with new packaging. Moreover, the series also offers additional merchandise such as the “Stow & Go Studio” that enables children as young as three to tote around a lightweight art set wherever they go. Likewise, the mess-free “Finger Paint Coloring Book” set is also likely to appeal to younger kids. Many of the markers and pads sets feature characters from beloved TV series and films such as “Paw Patrol,” Frozen” and “Finding Dory.” In anticipation of the forthcoming holiday season and the repackaging of this iconic series, Crayola is also hosting a #ColorWonder #messykidscontest Contest.


The #ColorWonder #MessyKidsContest campaign which is aimed at consumers through Crayola digital, social and blogging communities. The contest asks participants to follow Crayola’s Instagram account—@Crayola—to qualify to enter the #MessyKidsContest. A portion of the contest requires people to share photos of their kids “messy moment” that could have been avoided if he or she had been playing with Color Wonder.

Hence, the photos are very amusing even to people who are not participating. The winners of the contest will be selected every week through November 21 and will subsequently be awarded $250 worth of Color Wonder products. A single grand prize winner will be awarded a $1,000 check.

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