Attention Californians: weed-infused wine is officially available for purchase. The wine, known as canna vine was the product of a campfire conversation between Santa Cruz dispensary owner, Lisa Molyneux, and Verdad Wines owner, Louisa Sawyer Lindquist. Molyneux founded her shop, Greenway, in an effort to aid fellow cancer survivors like herself.

The production

Canna Vine consists of high-end, organically grown Marijuana and biodynamically farmed grapes. Biodynamic agriculture, developed in the 1920s, is defined by the Biodynamic Association as a “holistic” approach to farming that treats plant growth, soil fertility, and livestock care as ecologically interrelated tasks.

Because the fermentation temperatures for most infusions rarely surpass 90 degrees, consumers shouldn’t expect a crazy trip experience, but a mellow, physical “body high” instead. Molyneux describes the wine as “subtle” giving those who partake in this adventure the “best of both worlds.” The wine is not only delicious, but offers many “medical benefits” she said.

Pot wine isn’t exactly a new idea. In fact, in California green wine can be traced back to the late ‘70s.

Who cares?

Advocates of the cannabis-infused cocktail include Melissa Etheridge and Chelsea Handler.

According to the LA Times, Etheridge has her very own line of wines, called No Label, also made by Molyneux.

Etheridge, who is also a cancer survivor, told the LA Times that cannabis-infused wine transports those who drink it to a “really beautiful place,” claiming that the marijuana-wine mix helped her cope through her final stages of chemo.

The fine print

In order to truly experience Canna Vine-bliss you need to be in California and have a marijuana license or medical marijuana card, as California is the only 420-friendly state that allows alcohol and marijuana to coexist.

In addition, you need to have a little green of your own – that’s right, this product is far from cheap. Half a bottle could easily total out to be anywhere from $120 to $400.

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