Cases of cancerare growing very fast and this has put the world scientists in a crucial search for the best preventive and curative means, but they are yet to lay hold on a curative method. Although cancer can still be managed no one ever prays to have this deadly disease not even for one’s enemy.The major causes of cancer have been carefully identified. They include genetic factors, lifestyle factors; smoking and diet, physical activity, certain types of infection, and exposure to different radiation and chemicals in the environment in which we find ourselves.

Preventative measures are not always enough

A large chunk of the world’s population is taking preventive measures so as not be embattled by the deadly disease. Alot of people visit the gym to do some workouts in order to lose weight and stay fit; obese people are very prone having cancer so it is good to do some physical activity as this help to reduce estrogen and insulin which are hormones that can stimulate cancer growth. Diets are also controlled to prevent being susceptible to cancer with fruits and vegetables taken regularly and alcohol intakeiseduced. But it is very saddening and thought provoking that a portion of people from the population even after taking the measures still end up having the disease.

The question now is, How is this possible?It has been discovered recently that even after controlling the external causes of the disease some internal factors might still lead todevelopingthe deadly disease. The major internal factor that can cause this unexpected havoc is the genetic material (DNA) of the cell.The genetic material of the cell can change resulting in mutation which affect the cell growth and division.

Once this has occurred the body grows cells where they are not needed and some will not die when they should. This will definitely result in tumor.

What does this mean to you?

As we are familiar with the different preventive measures against this deadly disease, maintaining a good lifestyle is a very powerful method to ensure being on the safe side but a lot of people still get it through cell damage and the resulting mutations.

It is so frustrating that nothing can be done to prevent it. So therefore maintaining a good lifestyle; abstaining from smoking, good diets, living in radiation free environment and proper physical activity are therefore no longer enough to assure freedom from the disease. Because of this people should always go for regular medical checkups and scansbe sure that the cells are functioning well, dying off when necessary, dividing as they are supposed to, and growing properly.Researchers are working tirelessly to find a lasting solution to cancer, but there is still a whole lot to know about how cancer starts and the more knowledgeis discovered about it the closer they are to find a curative measure to this worldwide deadly disease.

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