Bishop Eddie Long told his megachurch congregation during a service earlier this month that God had healed him. The announcement came after Long posted a video in August letting his church members know that he was having some health issues. However, he did not specify what those issues were. Whatever the health issues were, Bishop Long wanted to convince everyone that he has been on a journey and he is now recalibrating himself following God's healing.

Even with Long's announcement, some people said they don't understand whether he meant God had healed him physically, spiritually or emotionally.

Whatever healing Pastor Long was referring to, he concluded to his congregation that he is back.

Bishop Long's claim

After the pastor told the congregation about his healing, he said God told him that some people in the congregation were suffering from chronic pain. He said there was a healing balm in the church, and he asked those with a sickness to come to the altar. Hundreds of people moved to the altar as the choir sang. The bishop asked for anointing oil and instructed those who were sick in any way to allow him to touch their hand and then move back so others could be touched as well.

The worship service was turned into a healing service.

About Bishop Eddie Long

Eddie Long is the senior pastor ofNew Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia. The 53-year-old leads a megachurch that started in 1987 with 300 members and has grown to a congregation of 25,000 people. Last August, members of his church became concerned after the pastor posted a video on Facebook showinghis drastic weight loss.

He said he had lost weight because he had been on a raw diet, and the weight loss had nothing to do with his illness.

Because of the Bishop's health issues, he had been on a sabbatical for a month before his recent return. Even so, he celebrated his pastoral anniversary this month. He also led a summit for three days. Religious leaders from New Zealand, the Bahamas and all over the world attended.

So, perhaps Bishop Long is healed. At least, he is back at his church.

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