Frank Olt is a renowned sculptor who has artwork permanently exhibited in public spaces such as Long Island City subway stations as well as in numerous private collections and galleries. A ceramics master, Frank Olt is a tenured professor of Ceramics at Long Island University (LIU) and frequently shows his work in galleries and museums throughout Long Island, New York City and elsewhere. In fact, Frank's creations have been showcased all over the world, including far-off countries like South Korea.

One of Frank's most exciting new projects is his participation in the "Fest for the Eyes" show at theNassau Museum of Art.


“Feast for the Eyes” is an exhibit that playfullyexplores how food has inspired artists for centuries. Since its opening on July 30, 2016, the two-floor show has been popular with the public and will remain on view through November 6, 2016. The included pieces are made out of various mediums and range in style from classical to pop-art and contemporary. The common theme is food; thus all the artworks depictfeasts, snacks, cafes, restaurants, grocery items, set table and more.The Exhibition features anarray of artists such as Audrey Flack, Red Grooms, George Grosz,Henri Matisse, Cindy Sherman,Claes Oldenberg, Andy Warhol and more.

In addition, the museum is offering public programs for adults and family groups that aim to enhance the experience of the show.


Frank Olt’s sole piece is titled "Big Boy Tatoes" and it symbolizes a Long Island landscape. “It’s a ceramic landscape wrapped in a 1930 Long Island potato sack,” Frank Olt explained of his mixed-media piece. “It celebrates the heritage of Long Island farming. The work is framed in a custom gold leaf oak frame and the potato sack was given to me by the Artist Jeffery Alan Price, who uses potato imagery in his fine work.” Frank’s contribution is loaned to the museum by the collectors who own it, Lisa and Charles Mcurdy.The Nassau County Museum of Art is both a staple center of the arts on Long Island and a historic house and garden.

In fact, the area is a pristine place to take a walk noting that the grounds contain a sizable sculpture garden. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday. It is closed on Mondays.

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