Area 31 restaurant in the EPIC hotel is offering starting in October and for a limited time, a price fixed menu, starting at $39 per person. The promotion is called "Sunset Dinner."The menu will change from month to month and feature the signature dishes of the restaurants as well as seasonal menu items. Some of the choices for October are Striped Bass with Pumpkin sorghum and culantro sofrito seasoning and Oyster mushrooms with Braised Lamb Shank with Honey-soy roasted eggplant, mission figs, baby leeks and Galangal Natural Jus.

The EPIC is a luxury hotel located in the heart of Downtown miami. The outdoor view from the 16th floor where Area 31 is located stirs up romantic feelings in couples and the adventuresome spirit in a group of friends. Use thepromotion (it begins from 6:00pm-7:30pm) to enjoy Miami if you work in the Downtown area or if in the suburbs, go against traffic in the late afternoon and cruise into a cozy parking space to watch the sunset.

Natives should embrace Miami

Miami's hotel and restaurant industry is one of its best facets and natives can feel pride in that compared to other big brother cities (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles) orcontemporary cities (San Antonio, Dallas, Memphis, San Francisco).

The majority of Miami's population are working professionals who live on a budget so these luxury restaurants are aware and want to accomodate. They know that they cannot be based in a city isolated from its main customers because it won't survive and would become a "pretty, empty, shell." Eating these beautifully prepared meals is a gastronomic experience and would be a fine escape from eating at chain restaurants which, even though delicious, can become tired and boring upon multiple visits.

Package the trip with multiple stops

After eating at Area 31, couples or groups could stay in the hotel and go to the LILT Lounge, where there could be art installations, guest DJ's, and live music playing, and they offer classes for people wanting to learn to mix cocktails.

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