More and more consumers are turning to supplements rather than prescription drugs for concerns such as anxiety, panic attacks and depression. But are holistic health alternatives always the right answer, and what ones are available? Learn more about your options below, but be sure to always consult your primary health care provider before changing, stopping or starting a medication, whether it's a supplement or prescription drug.

Anxiety eased by tea?

When panic attacks occur, symptoms can range from sweaty palms to headaches to the inability to focus. Your breathing may speed up, along with your heart rate, The cause of those panic attacks may range from an illness, such as Selena Gomez's recent revelation that one of the side effects of her lupus is anxiety, to emotional challenges dating from the past.

But as Health points out, natural remedies ranging from tea to supplements may help.

Consider chamomile, for example, either in the form oftea or as a supplement. One study showed that eight weeks of taking a chamomile supplement reduced symptoms of anxiety. Green tea, either in the form of a beverage or as a supplement with an amino acid found in the tea, also has been shown to help.If your anxiety is causing you problems sleeping, consider valerian. Known as a sleep aid for insomnia, valerian is somewhat smelly, so it's typically taken in capsule or tincture form.

Anxiety and panic attack prescriptions

However, supplements aren't always the answer. WebMD reports that generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) may be eased by prescriptions.

Anti-depressants are one option, particularly those in the SSRI category, such as Prozac and Zoloft.

For panic attacks, physicians may prescribe specific anti-anxiety medications such as Ativan and Valium. But they can have downsides, ranging from physical dependency to drowsiness. Buspar also may be an option for anxiety, because it does not have the same dependency concern.

It does have its own potential for side effects, and sometimes is not as effective as other prescription options.

Suffering from depression? Consider these options

Almost everyone has an occasional day of feeling down (imagine being Taylor Swift dealing with getting shaded by Kim Kardashian!). But if life has lost its joy, talk with your health care provider about the potential for either holistic supplements or traditional remedies.

The Mayo Clinic notes that St. John's Wort is frequently used to ease depression. However, it should not be taken at the same time as anti-depressants, and it can interfere with other medications as well.

When it comes to prescriptions to lift depression, Healthline reports that medications targeting the brain often are prescribed. Some are the same SSRIs as are used for anxiety, such as Zoloft and Prozac. In the event that they don't work, TCAs sometimes are prescribed, such as Tofranil and Pamelor.

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