“Dogs in Cars” is both the title and the theme of the funny, simple, clever, colorful and very entertaining children’s book by Emmanuelle Walker. Having been interested in art since early childhood, Emmanuelle studied animation in Montreal and at Les Gobelins in Paris. To date, she has published two books for children via Flying Eye Books, “Beautiful Birds” and “Dogs in Cars." When she is not working on children’s books, Emmanuelle holds a job as an animation director and illustrator who has contributed to Nobrow magazine and collaborated with animation studios across over the globe.

Emmanuelle now lives and works in London and recently spoke about her experiences working as an author and artist.


Blasting News (BN): How did you come up with the idea for “Dogs in Cars"?

Emmanuel Walker (EW): Dogs in cars always make me smile, and about six years ago I did a series of dogs in cars illustration, when Alex from Nobrow saw it, he told me that it could be a great book idea. I just had to think of something that could link all the illustrations together. That's why we decided to make it a counting book, because the more dogs in a car, the best!

BN: How did you come to publish with Nobrow/Flying Eye?

EW: Well I remember that they posted a tweet one day about a spare page in their Nobrow magazine, they were missing an illustrator, I tweeted back and that's how it started, then Alex saw my website and saw an illustration of birds in a jungle and that's when he asked me if I was interested in illustrating a bird's book, and that's how it all started!

BN: So far, what has been especially rewarding pertaining to your career as an author and illustrator?

EW: I think that first of all the process is very different from animation, you can spend all you time on one single image and really perfect it, I find it very relaxing. Again as opposed to animation, with a book you can hold the physical object. And the most rewarding part of it is probably when I see children enjoying my book, or when parents send me pictures or videos of their little ones completely absorbed by the images.


BN: Are there any upcoming projects which you would like to discuss?

EW: For the moment I am at the very beginning of a lot of different projects, animated or illustrated, but I have a very special secret screen-printed limited edition book project with my friend Mathilde Ollitraut-Bernard and her young printing company Atelier MAJE.

BN: From a career standpoint, where do you hope to be ten years from now?

EW: In ten years I will have done ten more books, and I will have a beautiful studio with big glass windows and high ceilings, filled with big plants and books and I'll be able to work from anywhere in the world so I will be on working-holidays whenever I feel like it.

BN: What advice can you give to all the aspiring authors and illustrators out there?

EW: If you can draw, then draw, draw, draw! If you can't draw but want to draw then draw some more and try digital, gouache, colored pencil, travel, draw more, stop looking at other tumblrs or behance accounts for inspiration and go to the museum, read, go for a walk, sleep, draw, observe everything and everyone, and draw, write stuff down in a sketchbook, thoughts, ideas, inspiration.

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