Halloween is an exciting festival that is celebrated with its fullest in all parts of the world. No matter what is your tradition, religion, or belief, you would certainly get attracted towards Halloween activities. The most exciting activities of this day are a costume party, and trick-or-treating. Here we have talked about the coolest places in the world where Halloween is celebrated in a distinctive way.

Massachusetts, USA

Feel free to visit Salem, Massachusetts during Halloween holidays. In the month of October, this place remains full with international visitors. During your stay here, you can enjoy activities like guided tourof haunted and infamous places, fireworks, parade, and special witch’s cycle.

Don’t forget to visit the Witch House Museum. This small town has a lot of shops, restaurants, and multiple accommodation options so you can spend quality time here.

Transylvania, Romania

It is true that Romania is entirely a beautiful country. But if your plan is to go there on Halloween, you can stay in Transylvania. This small city is known for its beautiful Gothic architecture and dark forests. Bran Castle is widely famous among the tourists. It was once the home to Vlad the Impaler. The castle welcomes those who dare to witness the creepier things on the Halloween night. If you don’t have a mode, you can join the special Halloween tours. Some other exciting activities are folk dance performances, and live musical shows.


In Mexico, the festival of Halloween is often regarded as Day of the Dead. Celebrations remain at their peak for three days, starting from October 31st every year. Here you can enjoy a lot of things. Some of the top notch activities include folk dance, gathering of friends and families at the seaside, and others.

you can also head to Oaxaca which is near Acapulco. Here the streets are decorated with beautiful lights, and the people wear special Halloween costumes. Drinks and special types of foods are served throughout the night.


We cannot forget to talk about Ireland because this is the place where Halloween originated.

The night of Halloween is often regarded as Samhain Night in Ireland. This festival offers you a lot of things to enjoy with. Ireland’s Derry City is most famous among the international visitors. Moreover, you can visit the Banks of the Floyle Halloween Carnival where the festival is being celebrated for more than a decade. Enjoy fireworks, ghost tour, and a special Dragon Safari.

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