Three-dimensional printing and technology is quickly becoming a top trend and toy companies from WobbleWorks, to Tech 4 Kids to Redwood Ventures have used the interest in this new form of creation to design “3D Pens” that enable users to draw—or even construct figurines—via melting plastics or solidifying gels and/or resins. WobbleWorks is the company that created the original 3D printing pen and they have just released the “3Doodler Start” which is the first 3D printing pen that was designed to be used specifically bychildren with creativity on their minds.


The 3Doodler Start works very much like the original 3Doodler Pen which has proven to be incredibly popular among adults. To use the 3Doodler Start, a child simply has to load the colorful eco-friendly plastic into the pen and press a button. Then the plastic will melt at the tip enabling users to mold it into any shape they draw. The 3Doodler Start is slightly more safety-conscious than the adult version since it melts at a much lower temperature and so—unlike the adult pen—users cannot get burned if they accidently touch the nozzle.

The 3Doodler was formatted after the inventors saw a phenomenal response from users that resulted in over 500,000 units of the adult pen being sold in the first two years. Despite this success, younger users were discouraged from using the original pen due to safety concerns pertaining to the high-heat nozzle. “We wanted to capture creativity at a younger age, and to inspire a younger audience,” said Maxwell Bogue, Co-Founder & CEO, WobbleWorks, Inc.

“There is also an intense demand from the education sector and we strongly believe in having a 3D printing pen for everyone, ages eight through eighty, hobbyist or professional; so naturally a pen for kids was a top priority. It took two years of research and development on top of the original adult pen, and required us to develop our own plastic for it – but we did it.” Essentially, the 3Doodler Start is both an art tool and a potentially educational toy.

It can be used as a tool to teach kids STEAM-subjects in a hands-on way since constructing adequate figures requires an understanding of spatial distance, planning, designing and building—which all increase creativity. The pen can be plugged in but it also operates wirelessly via batteries. It is also notably easier for children’s hands to hold than the adult version.


Mindful of environmental issues, WobbleWorks made sure that the pen’s plastic is completely biodegradable. Aside from merely selling a product akin to the IDO3D sets, the brand also aims to support creative ventures and frequently hosts online “Doodle-Offs” that encourage people to share what they created using the pen.

“We will be supporting our retailer partners in holding these types of events as well,” said Maxwell Bogue. “This is in addition to working on worldwide creative and educational competitions for 2017.” To kick-start imaginations, the 3Doodler Start comes with an activity guide that contains several ideas for projects. Accessories are also available. In the near future, WobbleWorks plans to continue building on their core principles of creativity and originality. “You should expect to see line extensions, themed kits and accessories in the future since one of our main goals is to see the 3Doodler in every STEAM subject classrooms within ten years,” explained Maxwell Bogue.

“We know this is achievable and it will reshape the teaching of creativity and design at the earliest of ages. That could have an impact on how we think and create for decades to come.”

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