Fernando Machado was born a woman but is now a transgender male. Diane Rodriguez was born a man but is now a transgender woman. The transgenders metthrough social media. They became a couple and now they are parents to a healthy baby boy. It is the first story of its kind in Ecuador. For some, it is hard to sort out, but Fernando and Dianesay they are a family just like other families. The only exception is that the woman who turned into a man gave birth by his male partner who turned into a woman.

Fernando and Diane's relationship

Fernando and Diane met online in 2014. A year before Rodriguez andMachado met, Rodriguez ran for public office.

It made headlines in Ecuador because it was the first time a transgender had campaigned to become a political official. When Fernando became pregnant, there were more headlines. Now there are more headlines after the birth of a baby to a transgender male.

No genital reassignment surgery

Neither Fernando nor Diane had genital reassignment surgery. That's why Fernando was able to get pregnant by Diane. They are extremely happy over the birth of their baby. They keep their friends up to date on what's going on with them through social media. Diane says she is a transfeminine woman while her partner is a transmasculine man. Having the baby was no accident for the couple. They wanted their first child, and they say they want more children now that they know it can be done.

Fernando describes what they have is a trans-family.

The transgender issue

Even though Fernando Machado and Diane Rodriguez's story became a headline in South America, more and more transgender stories are being shared by people around the world. In the United States when Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner,it became News because for many years people saw Jenner as an Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete.

Documentaries, reality shows, covers of magazines and award shows have kept the 66-year-old transgender in the spotlight. Jenner had been married to three women, but as a woman Caitlyn says she has never been happier.#Transgender

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