Bedsheets and rugs are common household items yet a startup textile franchise called TILT has found a way to turn these unassuming items into playthings that will entertain children and foster their imaginations. Launched in 2016, TILT—which is under the umbrella of the larger Welspun group—is dedicated to the formation of “start textiles” which work with tablets and smartphones to bring colorful patterns and prints to life. This cutting-edge and creative franchise is known as “Spin Tales” and the brand has released a bedspread depicting the fairy tale themes of Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk and The Three Little Pigs and a rug featuring jungle themes.


Presently, all the items offered in the Spin Tales line are cheerfully illustrated and intended for children's room or play area. “Textiles has been always present everywhere in our lives and now so is technology” explained Qaizar Hassonjee, the SVP and Head of TILT by Welspun. “Integrating technology into textiles to bring new and unique experiences is the focus of TILT. Welspun has made a significant commitment to smart textiles and we are fortunate to have a talented team of innovators, designers, engineers and entrepreneurs all working together to breathe life into this series.” The items in the Spin Tales series are undeniably revolutionary.

While companies like IKEA offer brightly printed bed sheets for children, none interact alongside an app. Moreover, although the app technology used by TILT is similar to that found in Spain Master’s drone series and the innovative “Head in the Clouds” picture book by North Loop Publishing, the technology has never before been applied to fabrics.


The individuals behind TILT show no signs of stopping any time soon.

“Our vision is to lead the smart textile movement by creating new categories and finding ways to evolve the practice of integrating textiles and technology,” said Qaizar Hassonjee. “Entertainment and education are our key focus areas and we will use them as our foundations as we continue to grow and transform the toy industry.” TILT also actively seeks opportunities to partner with like-minded individuals and organizations.

Through the end of 2016 they will be attending many events, including the prestigious TTPM toy event in Manhattan on October 6.

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