Germany remains as one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations, drawing close to 34 million visitors in 2015. One of the reasons behind its popularity is attributed to the hospitality of its people, a unique culture, fascinating cities, picturesque towns and villages, storybook castles and the overall beauty that Germany is renowned for.

Despite the fact that air Travel is still the fastest mode of transportation in reaching all major cities in Germany, exploring the country by car, train or riverboat can offer tourists a far more rewarding experience. It makes it possible for the tourist to discover the country in a relaxed manner at their own pace, exploring locations which may otherwise be overlooked.

Also, it is a much more cost-effective means of navigating the country.

Germany by automobile

Germany is sometimes referred to as the Land of Fairy Tales, and the simplest way to experience this magical country is by automobile. An abundance of scenic routes traverse the country making it possible for visitors to explore magnificent castles, legendary forests, and rivers, picturesque towns and villages all while observing the magnificent landscape. Nearly all major car rental companies such as Avis, Hertz, Alamo, and Budget provide discounts for the budget-minded traveler.

Germany's famed river cruises

Sit back and relax on board a river cruise ship while discovering Germany from a different perspective.

A river cruise on Germany's grand waterway gives tourists an opportunity to observe Germany's amazing landscape that can't be experienced with other modes of transportation. These river cruises transport tourists on board a riverboat past vineyards stretched out on top of hillsides, legendary castles looking over the valley, spectacular mountain vistas, and historic towns.

Although rates may vary somewhat between cruise companies, a number of excellent bargains can be found especially for tourists that happen to be flexible. A number of river cruises provide longer itineraries which include discounted hotel accommodations. These excursions are ideal considering that everything is arranged for the tourist, making it possible for extra free time and relaxation while enjoying the scenery.

These cruise trips make it easy on the wallet since almost everything is included in the upfront cost.

Experience Germany by train

Germany's high-speed trains are world renowned for their efficiency, speed, and economical cost. That's very good news for the budget-minded traveler seeking an alternative in order to travel throughout Germany. Train travel allows travelers to kick back and relax while taking pleasure in the German countryside without the added stress that is associated with airline travel. Another benefit of train travel is that it also provides the traveler a chance to interact with fellow passengers, at the same time building a new friendship.

Germany's landscape is unique in many ways providing breathtaking views of its magnificent mountain ranges, valleys, rolling meadows, and sophisticated cities.

It is one more reason why train travel is the most practical way to explore Germany. Travelers will discover a wide range of interesting cities to visit which include Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, and Cologne.

A trip to Germany is not complete without following the Romantic Road to Germany's famous university town of Heidelberg, as well as a trip to the medieval town of Rothenburg.

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