Transformational music and arts festivals have taken off in every region of the country.In many ways, the scene in the United States pales to what is possible on other continents. Nonetheless, increasingly, the brightest minds and sexiest bodies in the nation are finding themselves thrust into experiential learning experiences that can reinvigorate, inspire and heal.

For so many of the people who attend events of this nature, whether they occur over a single day or several, these spaces are safe and free. Unlike so many other areas of our daily lives, in the vibrant international festival scene, you can develop a persona and identity all your own.

You can feel free to express yourself as an artist, a creative, a part of the show. The lines blur at these sorts of events where members of the audience are every bit as talented as those on stage and the communal vibe feels to those who were there, like something lost from decades long ago.

Transformative adult experiences

Burning Man and The Symbiosis Gathering among many other events in the United States and around the world represent the pinnacle of creative arts and emotional technologies. In these spaces people are learning about themselves and discovering about new ways of being, new ways of living. These spaces are unifying and freeing, offering adults with the mind to do it, the opportunity to create something entirely new.

Acceptance is a major element of these events and expression is key.

In it's 11th year, The Symbiosis Gathering which just ended in Northern California has emerged as one of the true global destination festivals. Featuring an eclectic and expansive dance focused lineup, this event like so many of the best Transformational Festivals features much more then just musical programming.

Workshops around advanced spiritual, permaculture and healing focused topics of all kinds line up nicely with times spent exploring massive art installations and playing on massive inflatable devices. Dancing is enhanced with lasers, visual screens, fire performers, masked mystery and tons of furry and tribal cosplay fun.

International festival family

Symbiosis truly has it all. It is a bit like never never land. The kind of place you can't hardly imagine but then when you get there, the kind you can't imagine ever leaving. For the west coast tribe, The Symbiosis Gathering represents a vital chance to align around peace, love, community, to revel, to laugh and to dream of a vibrant future of peace. If more people could feel what the 20,000 artists, performers and spectators felt at this year's Symbiosis Gathering, there would be world peace and a revolution of love!

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