In our quest for an "easy" way to lose weight, people will try anything if they think it may work. Ingesting dangerous medications, nauseating concoctions, it's all out there.

You need to do what?

The vinegar and water diet:depending on which one you try you either drink 1 glass of this concoction every morning, or 3 glasses before meals. I have tried this one, for a week, by the end of the week I was already gagging just looking at the drink. This dates back to 1820.

Nicotine:Grab a cigarette instead of snacking.

Seem counterproductive to getting healthy losing weight.

The Grapefruit Diet:This diet cycles back into popularity at different intervals, it dates back to the 1930's, eat a grapefruit with every meal. You should skip this one if you have canker sores, which is just torture.

Cabbage Soup:This idea dates back to the 1950's, I just had a friend do this a few months ago. It claims you can lose 10-15 pounds a week. You will also probably lose almost as many friends when you let loose all of the gas that this will cause.

Tapeworm:Swallow a pill packed with parasites, they hatch and can live for up to 20 years in your body, the thought is they will consume extra calories. Hopefully they will remain in your intestines and not migrate to other parts of your body, in rare cases they can enter the brain.

The Sleeping Beauty diet:I am not sure why this would work? This diet is from 1970, and you get sedated.

Dexatrim:This drug hit the market in 1979.

It contains phenylpropanolamine which can be linked to strokes. (I can say that I tried this formula, it was like drinking 2 pots of coffee in one sitting) The formula was changed after the link was established.

Ayds:Popular in the 1980's, this candy was supposed to decrease appetite, taken off the market after the AIDS crisis hit. (Side note, my sister's regularly pilfered these from my mom, they were delicious!)

Master Cleanse:Hot water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.

Thought to cleanse your body and lead to weight loss.

Alli: This over-the-counter version or Orlistat, taken with meals blocks the absorption of foods you eat. (If you ingest fat it can lead to some very messy side effects).

As we continue to battle the bulge, more new and equally crazy remedies will continue to bombard us. Proceed with caution, and talk to your doctor.

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