The Neverending Story is a children’s fantasy novel first penned by German author Michael Ende in 1979. Four years later, this classic tale that vividly encourages a child’s imagination was translated to Standard English by Ralph Manhein. September 1st is the official anniversary date of publishing, and in 2016 Google brought forth the 37th anniversary greeting.There are many magical talesthat are beloved by children around the world, and The Neverending Story is always a frontrunner. In terms of vividimagination, exciting characters and strong life lessons, this novel will entice kids for generations to come.

Author, Michael Ende

While the German tale that was first told in 1979 by means of a children's novel, a trilogy of films was created beginning in 1984 that won critical acclaims, box office success and several prestigious awards. The Neverending Storyauthor, Michael Ende, was said to have been revolted by how the story was altered during the transition into the films and requested that either the name of the film be changed or to halt the film all together.

A frustrated Michael Ende eventually filed a lawsuit against the production company because of how the story was drastically changed from his writings. Ende lost the case and his name was subsequently removed from the project. It is very unfortunate to note that after viewing the movie of her husband's novel, Ende’s wife, Ingeborg Hoffmann, died on March 27, 1985 of a pulmonary embolism.

Since emotions nor stress can cause a pulmonary embolism, her death was not related to the cinematic experience.

Beyond the novel

The Neverending Story has continued to grow beyond the novel. An audiobook was released in 1984 and an unabridged audiobook was released in 2014. In additional to the original film 'TheNever-endingStory,'the story continues in 'The Neverending Story II: The Next chapter' and 'The Neverending Story III: Escape from Fantastica.'

As Germany is the birthplace of this epic novel, it’s no wonder that the country has embraced the tale and continues to keep it alive.

Several new books have been penned in a series called 'Legends of Fantastica', stage performances have included a novel-based play, ballet and an opera.The story is furthermore used as a basis for television shows and computer games that have originated from place all around the world.

Even as an adult, I still remember wanting to find that book so I could take an adventure in Fantastica, including riding on Falcore’s back or befriending The Childlike Empress.

There were also moments I wanted to give Bastian a big hug and other moments where I wanted to wring his neck.

In very well written literature, such as The Neverending Story, you really do feel like you are a part of the story. I wish this novel a very happy 37th anniversary and hope that this tale will continue to spark new imaginations in its next 37 years.

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