Terrence Howard plays Lucious Lyon on the popular Fox television series, Empire. He plays a hip-hop owner of a music company who discovers he is dying, and he wants to make sure his empire lives on after his death.Before Empire, Howard had already made a name for himself. He has had many leading roles in television and movies. He appeared on theJimmy KimmelLive on ABC this week. During the conversation, the 47-year-old discussed how he has studied numerology. Howardexplained to Jimmy and the television audience how the Number 9 is important in everybody's life.

It gave Kimmel, his live audience, and the television viewers something to think about.

The Number 9

Howard said that the Number 9 impacts everybody's life. When a person approaches something surrounding the Number 9, there is a shift. Either the person is contracting or expanding. It is much like rebooting a computer. After the show was over, many people began to take inventory of their lives to determine if Howard was on to something. According to the Actor, every good thing that has ever happened to people, the Number 9was involved in it somehow.

In fact, he said the Pythagoreans believed 9 is the greatest number because it is the number of balance. Something amazing happens every ninth year.

For instance, September is the ninth month. Therefore, everyone should expect something special to happen during this current month. If a person was born in September,he will be doubly blessed for having been born in the ninth month. When you think about it, most babies were born in the ninth month of pregnancy.

Howard might be right that when something good happens, the Number 9 is involved. (Watch the video below and hear how Howard explains the significance of the Number 9).

Number 9 in your life

Howard encouraged his listeners to take inventory of their lives to see if what he said was true. Perhaps you weren't born in September, but you might have been born on the ninth day of another month. If your parents had lots of children, you might be the ninth child.

There might be nine letters in your name. You might have gotten married in a year with a 9 in it. There are so many other examples. Think back and notice how many nines have shown up in your life over the years. If Howard is accurate with his assessment of numerology, all of us will experience great things during the month of September. Let's watch out for those good things.

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