As of September 6, Starbucks has added a new product to their well stocked condiment bar. For years the brand has given its customers a variety of sweetener choices ranging from Turbinado sugar to zero calorie substitutes. Now they will add a new choice to it's line up known as Whole Earth Sweetener Company's Nature Sweet packets. A product that is made from a combination of stevia and monk fruit extracts.

The Starbucks experience

Nick DeJulio, starbucks brand manager has stated that it is the company's first stevia brand zero calorie sweetener to be offered to customers.

It was brought on to appease those who are looking to reduce their caloric intake but still want something that taste like the real deal.The folks at Starbucks had tested many other potential brands but Whole Earth Sweetener Company's blend of Stevia and monk fruit proved to be the best choice because of its taste.

Russ Moroz, vice president of Research & Development and Quality, Whole Earth Sweetener Company has stated that although there are different sweeteners to chose from, some may leave a nasty taste in your mouth.

This blend he believes offers the same desirable taste that sugar does without the calories.


Also known as luo han guo, Monkfruitis are native to southern China. It is thought to have been first used by thirteenth century monks hence the name. In China it has been used for many centuries to help treat sore throats, to prolong life and as a sweetener. The extract from this round green fruit is said to be up to 300 times sweeter than sugar with less calories making it an option for those suffering from diabetes.


Often referred to as sweet or sugar leaf, it is native to South and Central America. Its extract has up to 400 times the sweetness of sugar but without any calories. Stevia is often touted as a product that serves diabetics and those who suffer from hypoglycemia well because it is said to have a non-glycemic response. Meaning that it doesn't cause that unfortunate spike often experienced by diabetics when they consume sugary items.

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