Salman Khan is the topmost star of Bollywood. He commands a hefty price for each film and does roles that endear him to the common man. For over 2 decades Salman has headed the star list and has kept gossip writers engaged with a string of endless affairs. Khan is still a bachelor and though 51, no girl has impressed the Khan to don the mantle of Mrs. Salman.

Salman and Aishwarya

Yet, a look at the personal life of the Khan makes a fan wonder. Did he really love no one? Or was there one among the multitude who he loved and her loss was difficult for him to forget? From all accounts Khan had a passionate love affair with Aishwarya Rai(a beauty queen and top actress).

It was on the cards that Salman would marry her as Aishwarya moved into the Khan's residence. Aishwarya's parents were perhaps not happy with this relationship as Aishwarya was a Hindu and Khan a Muslim. Khan's temper also got the better of him and gossip magazines reported many times that his relationship with Aishwarya was strained.


Salman and Aishwarya broke up and on a rebound Aishwarya marriedanother star Abhishek Bachchan. She has a daughter from him. At one time Aish and Salman were madly in love but things did not work out. Salman's obsession with Aish led him to a love affair with anAish look-alike Sneha Ullal. But the affairdid not last long and the heroine herself faded from Bollywood.

No Bollywood film star has been able to replace the intense relationship between Aish and Salman.

Other women

Before Salman met Aish, he had had 2 intense relationships with actress Sangeeta Bijlani and Pakistani starlet Somy Ali. The marriage with Bijlani almost took place till she discovered that Salman was cheating on her by secretly dating SomyAli and she called off the marriage.

The breakup with Aishwaryaled Salman to an intense relationship with Katrina Kaif the reigning top star on the Hindi screen. At one time the relationship was intense, but now they are only friends. Katrina went away to have an affair with Ranbir Kapoor while Salman had 3 brief affairs. He was friends with Daisy Shah, Zarine Khan, and Claudia Ciesla.

But these were brief interludes and Khan is still a bachelor. He is now in a relationship with a Romanian girl Julia Vantur. It's a moot point how long this relationship will last.

Last word

Salman Khan is not only the top Bollywood star but also the most romanced. One wonders why he didn'tmarry. Could theAish effect have something to do with it? In the meantime, He continues with hits and his latest film 'Sultan' is one of the biggest grossing at the box office.

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