Have you ever eaten a piece ofketchup cake? Most people hadn't heard of this dessert until the recipe wentviral. A man noticed a recipe on the back of a Heinz ketchup bottle and decided to experiment with it. Most people thought the sauce was a weird ingredient to be in a dessert. Out of curiosity, the man tried the recipe and was delighted to find that itwas really delicious. Others are trying the recipe also,

Ketchup cake

This a variation of the classic red velvet cake that most people love. Don't think the entire pastry is made of ketchup.

The amount is so little that you might not even know the tomato-based condiment is even there. Simply add nutmeg, ginger, and only half a cup of Heinz ketchup toyourregular ingredients. Red food coloring is used to bring out more redness. Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees F. Top with vanilla cream cheese frosting.

Recipe goes viral

Why did the recipe go viral? After Reddit user Gregory Nuttleposted a photo of his experiment online, many people found it interesting. They shared the photo with their friends and family members.

The baker eventually posted his creation on YouTube in three parts. In the last part, he showed taste testers helping him determine the success of his recipe. Nuttle's friends said it tasted similar to a carrot cake because of the nutmeg and ginger. They concluded that it was moist and sweet. Others have jumped on the bandwagon and tested the recipe themselves. Most agree that while this unusual ingredientseems weird, it really doesn't taste weird at all.

What do you think about this dessert? Would you be brave enough to bake one for your friends? Remember that with only half a cup of ketchup, most people wouldn't know it was even there unless you tell them. Perhaps the recipe has gone viral because people don't usually think of ketchup as an ingredient in a cake. Ketchup is good on French fries, hamburgers, and other foods, but who would have thought it would also be an ingredient in a cake?

See it for yourself.

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