The Walt Disney World theme parks and resorts are great places to play Pokemon Go. They're packed with Pokestops, gyms, and Pokemon ripe for the catching. However, there's one special spot where there's no admission or parking fee and where you can catch a wide variety of creatures while keep your bag full of balls and potions: the Disney Springs shopping, dining, and entertainment district.

Disney Springs has free parking, plenty of Pokestops

Disney Springs, which is almost done with its major expansion, had multiple gyms and Pokestops running all the way from the original Marketplace area to the West Side.

It has two new parking garages, as well as surface lots, with plenty of convenient free parking for Pokemon hunters who want some game play while visiting Walt Disney World.

Good Pokemon Go hunting at Raglan Road

While Disney Springs as a whole is an excellent spot to play Pokemon Go when you're in the Walt Disney World area, two spots stand out in particular. The first is Raglan Road, the popular Irish restaurant and pub. Not only does it sell good food and drink, but it has two on-site Pokestops, with two others just a stone's throw away.

Better yet, those Pokestops are often lured, bringing out everything from the usual Magikarp, which you can farm to evolve your Gyrados, to more desirable creatures like Pikachu, Beedrill and Scyther.

Even when there are no lures at the Raglan Road Pokestops, the area still tends to be a good place to hunt. The proximity to the water seems to attract Magikarp, and there are plenty of Pidgeys and Ratattas if you're preparing for a massive evolution with one of your Lucky Eggs.

It's a perfect spot if you want to take a break from the Walt Disney World theme parks, and you can pop into Raglan Road or one of the many nearby restaurants for lunch, dinner, or a cold drink when you get tired of hunting. Don't worry about running out of Pokeballs; just wait for the spinners to change color, then replenish your supply.

Fill your Pokemon Go bag near La Nouba

If you just want to fill up your bag and don't want to deal with the Disney Springs crowds, La Nouba is another great spot.

The giant Cirque du Soliel theater is a Pokestop, and you can make a circle from there to the two on the way to the side parking lot, then loop to the two at the boat dock, and walk along the lake. Turn out by Bongos to hit the two there and the two across the way at Splitsville and Candy Cauldron. Loop back to La Nouba and continue making the circuit until your bag is brimming with Pokeballs and potions and maybe even a 10K egg.

Disney Springs has plenty of other Pokestops and good hunting grounds, as does the entire Walt Disney World Resort, but Raglan Road and La Nouba are two hidden gems for the serious Pokemon Go player.

Check them out next time you're in the area and you'll reap the rewards of a full bag and some new additions to your critter collection.

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