PUMA and the Pink+Dolphin label have once again collaborated on a line of apparel and sneakers that motivate men to explore the full color wheel from solid, earth colors (green, blue, black, brown) to colors of the sea (pink, light blue, aqua, gray). National lifestyle apparel and footwear retailer, footaction continues to be the store which highlights this collaboration with the line appearing in stores on September 23rd.

They had a launch party at El Toro Blanco, Mexican Restaurant and tequila bar at 257 Avenue of the Americas, Lower Manhattan,in New York City.

Pink Dolphin's owners, Cena Barhaghi and Neima Khalia were in attendance at the event. The Pink Dolphin line of clothing is limited to keep from saturating the streets with the same clothes. The collection has only been created once, but the true exclamation is in the craftsmanship of the clothing and its quality--this approach speaks to men about adding craftsmanship to their own style and approach to life.

The color wheel and visual silhouette

The best thing about the Pink+Dolphin line is that men can wear the full color wheel which includes pinks and aquas melded together with regular blues, blacks and grays.

For differing body types and skin tones, these colors can add to a visual silhouette with contrast and texture (i.e., vertical lines are slimming, horizontal make the person wider, etc). The second line which has fall-like sweats (hoodie with cutoff sleeves, heavy cotton shorts with leggings) differs from the first collaboration (soccer jerseys, dri-fit training shorts, low cut sneakers) but still incorporates a feel of comfort and function, i.e.

the man has to stay comfortable and warm but can still maintain his visual silhouette).

The cutoff sleeves on the hoodie sacrifice the appendages on the body (arms) while keeping the core warm (head, torso). The shorts go up to the knees and have a distressed cuff to appear as if innovated by the user themselves, but the leggings continue to keep the user warm while not becoming another pair of jogger pants.

Finally, the usual graphic tees give many options to combine with denim jeans, khaki shorts, white shorts, etc.

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