Puppy mills are facilities that mass produces puppies under horrific conditions. Those who run them do so illegally with no regard for the health and well-being of the Animals. The dogs live in crowded wire cages stacked on top of each other, filthy and laying in their own feces and urine. The females are mated with each heat cycle, despite the dog’s health. Puppy mills are indeed bad news and need to be shut down!

Ban on puppy & cat sales in pet stores

To crack down on numerous puppy mills, Commissioners endorsed measures to ensure Palm Beach County pet shops are banned from selling dogs or cats.

Animal advocates voiced great concerns regarding these substandard breeders but feel more needs to be done to stop the abuse. Puppies and kittens that come from licensed breeders meeting USDA standards may continue sales in pet stores. Currently, Palm Beach County in accordance with Animal Care and Control has eight pet stores legally selling cats and dogs. Pet stores in violation of new measures may have permits revoked if cited twice within a five-year span.

The new ordinance ensures tougher regulations and standards

Reputable pet shop owners are pleased with the new law and guarantee excellent care for the animals they sell. The ordinance applies to Palm Beach County including its 39 local cities. Commissioner Shelley Vana is in full support of the new measure, feeling it is a crucial start to a critical problem. She was quoted as saying "Sometimes, perfect is the enemy of good, and compromise is a dirty word in this country at this point." Stipulations under the ordinance aim to ensure that animals in private shelters and through animal rescues receive proper care.

Only registered pedigree cats can be bred in the county. In addition to Palm Beach County, Broward County has also banned the sale of canines in pet stores. The ordinance may not be the full solution to put an end topuppy mills, but it is a start. Pet shops need to disclose comprehensive information as to where their dogs and cats were born and bred.

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