Dogs make great companions, but some people have a total disregard for the needs and requirements of their Pets. As a result, so many dogs are abused and treated poorly. Chaining dogs outdoors unattended, especially in extreme hot or cold is a cruel and unjust treatment of your dog. There are numerous disadvantages to tethering your dog outside for extended periods of time. Inclement weather presents a stiffer threat.

Threats to your chained dog

Many dogs freeze to death when left in the cold or suffer heat exhaustion in the heat of summer. The tethered dog has little use to its yard and is a “sitting duck” for any intruders that enter, such as Animals of prey like wolves, bears and coyotes.

Additionally, chains can get wrapped around your pets’ neck, leading to strangulation. If the collar loosens or breaks, your pet could escape its “safe” environment. A chained up dog can become very anxious, unhappy and fearful, causing some aggressive tendencies.

Proposed law to stop chaining dogs outdoors in extreme hot or cold temps

Chaining dogs outdoors in severe temperatures is an ongoing issue and form of animal cruelty. The problems continue to grow nationwide and, unless more states take a stand like officials in Ohio, animals will remain in peril. The report is that City Councilman Chris Smitherman of Cincinnati proposed legislation that will make chaining dogs outdoors illegal.

His proposal states that anyone confining a dog outdoors in temperatures above 90 degrees or below 20 degrees will be held accountable, especially if the animals are not provided proper shelter that would protect them from such severe conditions.

In addition to the temperature restrictions, dogs should not be allowed to be chained from 10 P.M. to 6 A.M., not only for protection from the elements but also to ward off excessive nighttime barking. Anyone in violation of this new Ohio law would face some stiff fines.

Oklahoma recognizes need for similar law

Oklahoma state officials feel this is a great law, as voiced by the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Superintendent Gary. Currently, their only legislation requires pet owners to ensure dogs have water and a windproof/waterproof shelter. As stated by OKCW Superintendent Gary, tethering of dogs in this manner in inclement weather and after hours leads to unruly dog behavior, health issues for the animals and other dangers.

People need to be educated on the dangers of tethering their dogs’ outdoors on a daily basis, in frigid temps without heated protection or in the scorching weather without relief. A shelter will not suffice on its own. The animals need to remain within the home for their well-being. This is an excellent proposed law that should be considered nationwide for the protection of the outdoor dogs.

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