New research published in the Journal of Social Cognitive and Effective Neuroscience revealed some unique insights into the landscape of Sexuality and spirituality. In this current model, researchers artificially raised middle aged men's levels of Oxytocin.Oxytocin has been described as the love hormone and is released by both men and women during passionate sexual exploration. It is also known as the birthing hormone for its role during pregnancy. Oxytocin is a healthy and normative part of all human bodies and based on the current research, there is reason to believe it has some very unique characteristics.

Sacred sexuality

This research marks the first exploration into the biology of spiritual expression. Though comprised of a relatively small sample size, the research does feature an experimental design utilizing placebo. In the study, the investigatorsVan Cappellen, Way, Isgett, and Fredrickson gave a group of midlife men, oxytocin, led through meditation and then asked questions over a period of time.

Compared to the control group that was not receiving Oxytocin, the research group reported overwhelming feelings of connection and oneness. In essence, the researchers were able for the first time to isolate the importance of Oxytocin in creating and generating the kind of awarenesses and beliefs which have been linked to spirituality and religion since the beginning of our cultures on Earth.

Oxytocin leads to feelings of comfort, connection and a sense of the profound.

Religion may be a product of man and woman but spirituality may be a biological function of nature. Based on the current study, there is good reason to believe that men who are exposed to healthy and loving sexual experiences are likely to be more awakened to the call of Compassion and conduits of universal love.

Biology of the spirit

There is good reason to spend more time in the sun, eat more organic fresh fruit and engage in as much healthy, balanced and loving sexuality as you possibly can. The world needs more healthy and balanced compassionate men and women. Nurture your partner and celebrate the richness of your shared connection.

Connect in honor, love and respect, align in cosmic bliss.

This research is available online via PubMed. Just search for the investigator's names.

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