Lisa Riley of Britain's ITV "Loose Women" is a woman of surprises. She's nearly halved herself with a 10 stone (140 pound) weight loss. She's almost unrecognizable from her iconic role as the obese Mandy Dingle on England's popular soap opera "Emmerdale." But even at her heaviest, Riley was light on her feet, surprising "Strictly Come Dancing" audiences and judges with her flawless cha-cha dance. Riley's got other tricks up her sleeve and shared startling diets tips on how she got thin.

Lisa Riley lost bread, booze, bedtime snacks to lose weight

Riley says she doesn't use fad diets to beat obesity because they don't work. But then she told the panel on "Loose Women" that she eats no carbs unless she has to and then they're never, ever bread carbohydrates. That in itself could be considered a fad diet as it restricts a major food group. Many weight loss experts advise against no-carb diets or cutting starches completely out of one's eating. Lisa didn't make clear what she meant by eating carbs only when necessary but may have been referring to the notorious carb cravings dieters feel.

She has also dried up the alcohol consumption (others Celebrities like Adele famously lost big weight by quitting drinking). Another unorthodox diet trick of Riley's is that she never eats after 6:30 pm. The wisdom of going 12 hours without eating has been contested by some experts but it clearly works for her. Like Rebel Wilson, Lisa Riley also dances the pounds off, preferring Zumba to workouts.

She wowed "Strictly Come Dancing" judges with ballroom style.

Weight loss surgery after she's lost weight?

Lisa plans to get extensive skin removal surgery: now that she's half her former self, Riley has feet of flabby, sagging skin she wants trimmed. She'll be cut down the abdomen and the skin will be peeled down and clipped like a chicken. Weight loss surgery in general is controversial but skin removal is at least not putting the cart before the horse.

Those who get bariatric gastric bypass surgery haven't yet lost much weight. They rely on surgery alone to lose weight and it can't. They haven't proved they can amend their eating habits as a gastric bypass demands.

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