She's back! Reality TV mom Kate Gosselin announced a new full season of TLC "Kate Plus 8" in January and hints at more drama raising tween sextuplets and teen twins. Kate recently sent son Collin away to a special school without telling ex Jon Gosselin. She praised her daughters Mady and Cara for lambasting their "absent dad" Jon Gosselin but he tells quite different story on the reason for his absence.

Kate Gosselin parenting, veracity questioned

Throughout the series, as "Jon & Kate Plus 8" then just "Kate Plus 8" Gosselin's handling of her brood has alternately been criticized and defended. Known to be strict, Gosselin admitted to clashing with one sextuplet, Collin Gosselin, in particular.

Evidently the lad has challenged her authority since he was a toddler. So mom sent the "problem child" away to "school" (which turned out to be a psychiatric clinic) for kids with anger issues. That prompted outrage from dad who wasn't told about the mental health placement but should have been.

Before entering a program for emotional impairment the child's family and school staff meet in an IEPC (individualized educational placement committee) to decide what's best. Apparently dad, who has visitation rights, did not get that memo. Kate's ex boyfriend Jeff Prescott says he was troubled by Kate's lack of transparency, too. She lied to fans saying she was single while dating him. He says she wanted to keep their relationship secret and exploit it on the show for ratings.

Well, it has been Kate's cash cow that she proudly milks.

Jon Gosselin: absent or left out dad?

Mom Gosselin refers to herself as a single mom who has to be mom and dad to the kids and cares for the family single-handedly. This elicits more sympathy than admitting that she does not allow her husband access to the kids, as he claims.

Jon says he hasn't seen some of his children in years but not because he's an absent dad. Kate doesn't send all the kids or makes excuses that they're filming "Kate Plus 8" and can't make scheduled visits. Critics wonder why he hasn't gone after custody or visitation rights. But he says that costs a lot of money which he can't afford.

When Jon Gosselin admitted that in an interview, his twins Mady and Cara chewed him a new one, while Kate applauded. Another daughter Hannah had to run away to be with dad last year.So when she blames the divorce and lack of a father figure for all the problems, you have to wonder.

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